Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Last night Tim and I went and watched Lanicia play soccer. Her team did really well. There are some kids on the team that have played before and are really good. Lanicia is learning a lot about the sport. She has improved a good bit since she started playing.

We will have to go to another game and get some pictures of her in action.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Crazy Weekend

So a spur of the moment decision on Friday after work had us driving up to Northern Virginia to see Abbott and West (Dave's band) play. We stayed the night and Dave and Lisa's townhouse and then got up and went to IHOP for breakfast with them.

We then spend the afternoon trying to find Dave a Prelude. Dave ended up driving back to Weyers Cave with us to test drive our Prelude for the week.

On Sunday my parents drove up for Lake Monticello to see some of the yard work we had done. We were able to get rid of all of the sod that we dug up. The project now seems like it is possible to complete. I won’t go into to many details but we need to treat the dirt, plant bushes and flowers, and then put down mulch and we will be done. Pictures will follow as soon as the project is complete.

Tim and I realized on Friday that we will not be able to do these spur of the moment random trips for very much longer. So over the next couple of months we are going to try and do some more spontaneous things. Let us know if you have some suggestions.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Baby's First Picture

Here is the first sonogram of Baby.
They changed the due date to April 23rd so the baby is roughly 9 weeks old (not 12 like they originally thought). The length of the baby is roughly 2 cm. We got to hear the heart beat at the doctor's office today and we got to see the baby moving its arms around.

You can see the rest of the sonogram pictures here.

Monday, September 11, 2006


So this weekend Tim and I decided to do some landscaping in the backyard. We were unable to finish the project we started. It now looks more like we did demolition then landscaping.

We did however make a lot of progress. Greg helped Tim on Saturday pull up some of the old landscaping fiber out of the ground and break apart some landscaping timbers.

Hopefully we can clean up the back yard some during the week and finish the project next weekend. Pictures to follow (once the project is completed).

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Trip to Hendersonville

** Beware long post ahead*

This weekend we went down to Hendersonville North Carolina to visit some friends. We took Friday off of last week to extend the holiday weekend.

We left on Thursday night after Tim got out of class for our 6 hour drive. This always makes the trip interesting when you arrive at 3:45 in the morning. When you are sleep deprived and excited for the weekend there is always good conversations. Somewhere in SW VA we saw the biggest cross built. I believe the quote was "That is the only cross you can see from outer space!" We stopped for gas in some hick town in TN where Tim received free coffee. We talked to Trevor for about 50 miles out of the trip when he told us some pretty funny jokes to keep us awake.

We made it through TN into NC, where we were soon in Asheville. This is the tricky part of the trip where you have to exit about 4 times to stay on future interstate 26. We then got off at the Bat Cave exit in Hendersonville, where we had to navigate a windy wet road at 3:20 in the morning. We had some warnings about some spots on the road that were really flooded. We some how made it to Karla's house around 3:45. We carried our bags into the house and said hi. We stayed awake for about another hour or so catching up about the trip. We then finally went to bed.

We got up and hung out at the house. We were able to catch up with Karla and eat breakfast around 10. We then went to downtown Hendersonville and walked up and down Main St for the apple festival. We got some cobbler and a present for my parents. We read lots of funny hand made signs.

Next we went to Trevor and Kendra's new house. We got the tour and looked at all the projects Trevor was working on while Kendra was out of town.

We then went had dinner at Papas and Beer. We ate the Mexican, which made Karla and I very sick to our stomachs. Next we got dessert at Bi-Lo and went back to Trevor's house.

As always we had good conversation until the wee hours of the morning. No details of this will be provided ;-).


We got up fairly early on Saturday. Karla and I dropped Tim of at Home Depot to meet Trevor. They then bought the supplies needed to fix Karla's ceiling in the basement.

Karla and I went up to a flee market called Smiley's. I bought a few things for the baby (clothes, books, and a few toys). We then tried to stop at a few yard sales however we only found a couple and none were that promising.

We went back to the house and saw how the guys were doing on the ceiling project. Tim came across several electrical issues which caused another trip back to Home Depot.

Karla and I looked in the I WANNA a paper dedicated to selling stuff like clothes, furniture, cars, trailers, etc. Karla is looking for a new couch for her house and I was looking for some more baby stuff. We found two places we wanted to go check out for baby stuff. We got directions and took off for Asheville area. We promptly got lost on the way to the first house. We got new directions and we were able to make it to the house. We realized that we were in BFE when none of the roads had street signs on them. The directions were confusing because we did not have any road names to turn onto. The lady that gave us directions was laughing at how lost we got. Luckily all the hard work paid off and I found a few things that I wanted to buy.

We then took off to find the next house. We tried to reverse our directions (with no road names or signs) back out to Leicester Highway. We saw some guys working on a tractor and one of them hit on Karla. However we missed a turn and ended up looking at Marshall County court house. We had to go into the police station to get directions back to Leicester Highway (at this point it was about 20 miles away). The police officer outside gave us directions and corrected Karla on the pronunciation of the road. When we asked for directions to the road he looked at Karla, looked at me, and looked at the bright yellow Nissan Exterra and kinda chuckled to himself.

When we finally made it back to civilization (Fletcher) we called the guys to see how the project was going. We asked Trevor if he knew where we were and he laughed and said no. He did say to watch out because guys in that county jump on girls with all of their teeth.

One of the things that we bought at the last house was a trash bag full of kid’s toys for various ages. Most of these toys made noise and you pushed buttons. We were on some very windy roads and the toys were making all sorts of funny noises. We were laughing because every time the toys were quite for a while we would hit a pot hole and they would then make tons of noise. We were ready to throw the bag of toys out the window.

We made our last stop in Canton (which we found okay regardless of the missing road sign for Hookers Gap). We did not purchase anything at this house. We drove home and bought some pizza and rented some movies.
We ate dinner and looked over all of the stuff that we bought. Karla took pictures of Tim and I as we built our pack and play that we purchased. We then turned off all of the toys so that they would not make a ton of noise on the way home.


We slept in a little that morning. We then had breakfast and did some stuff around the house. We watched the movie Benchwarmers, which was not nearly as funny as it could have been. Karla went to home depot and bought some ceiling fans for Tim to put up. Then Trevor came over to put another coat of mud on the ceiling. The guys finished up some projects and Karla and I made applesauce with some apples Karla bought at the orchard. She then made lasagna for lunch and apple crisp for dessert.


We got up and said goodbye to Karla as she went to work. We then got our stuff together and packed the car. We waited to have lunch with Trevor; however, he was working and did not have time to meet. So we took off for home.

We made a quick stop in Blacksburg, VA to see Gil, Nell-Marie, and Daniel. We were able to stay for a little while and play with the baby before getting back on the road.

We have a few pictures from the trip that we will put on our web album.