Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby presents

While at my parents house for Thanksgiving my Mom gave me present from my Great Aunt Nancy (she is my Dad's Aunt). Tim and I got to open the present which was a total surprise to us. Inside she gave us some baby undershirts, flannel receiving blankets, a medicine pacifier, and a little rattle toy. All of those things she purchased for us.

We then unwrapped all of the wonderful things that she made for the baby. She made a pair of socks, 2 pair of booties (very cute), a hat, a bonnet, a sweater and a blanket. All of these were in a mint green color since we do not know what sex the baby is yet. My sister has a matching set for her baby that is due any day now.

Here is a picture of all the wonderful things she made for us:

One pair of booties that she made for us is a 60 year old pattern. My Aunt Nancy loves to make these things for the local hospital near her in Levittown, PA.

There are some close up images in the photo album online (click here).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Coat

Last night we bought the supplies to finish the drywall in the basement at Tim's parents house. Tim put on the first coat of mud last night. Hopefully we will be able to finish up the mud tonight. That would just leave 2 more days in the project. One for the primer and one for the paint.

Tim and I have decided on names for the baby. However, these will be kept a surprise until the baby is born in April. If anyone would like to make some guesses feel free to do so.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

Tim and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Tim went to work on Wednesday and I hung out with Karla. We ran some errands and then baked some pies for Thanksgiving. That night Karla, Greg, Reatha, Rachel, Tim and I went to Lanicia's basketball game. She played really well, she has learned so much from last year. She stole the ball a couple of times and had some great passes to some of the other girls. After her game Karla, Greg, Tim and I went back to our house. We played this fun game called Boxers or Briefs. The game is a lot of fun and really funny.

Thursday morning Tim and I got up pretty early. I made some green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. We then left to go down and spend the morning and afternoon at the lake. There were a lot of people at my parents house for Thanksgiving. We had the Winn family (my brother-in-law's family) up for thanksgiving, my Mom's Aunt, then Clare, Chris, my parents, Tim and I. For a total of 10 people around the table. Everyone brought a different side dish for dinner. The meal was delicious. My parents cooked a huge 19 lbs. turkey and it turned out wonderful. Tim and I got some of my sisters home made cheesecake dessert to go.

We then drove up to Tim's parent's house for dessert, coffee, and games. We played a ton of games, including Sorry, Clue, Whoonu, spit, spoons, and twister (Tim and I missed out on this game since we were driving :-P). Spoons was a lot of fun especially since I won. I went into the final two with spoo and Karla only had s of the word spoon. I ended up beating her to getting 4 of the same cards 5 times in a row.

Friday Tim and I had to work however, we went into the office early. I got to the office around 5:00 am. I had some extra hours from earlier in the week and last week. So I worked until 12:30 and then left. We went out to Tim's parents house and hung out. I played some more board games with Lanicia and Tim put up their Christmas tree for them. We ate leftovers from Thanksgiving for lunch. We went back to our house around 5 or so to take care of the dogs. We hung out and watched a couple of movies that night.

Saturday we got up and took the dogs to the vet. Boomer weighed in at a whopping 61.5 lbs and Tipsy (she's gotten a little chunky) weighed in at 51 lbs. Tipsy got some shots and Boomer got his pawed checked out. We then went over to Tim's parents to help get Greg setup in the basement. We then decided to build a wall to separate his room from the laundry room. We got all the supplies for that and came back to the house. We got most of the wall framed up.

On Sunday, Karla, Greg, Tim and I went to Aletheia for the morning service. We then went over to Tim's parents house. Tim and Greg worked on the wall. Karla and I hung out with Lanicia. Karla left around 3:00 to head back to NC. Tim and Greg finished framing the wall. Tim ran the electrical as well. Then they hung the dry wall. Greg moved more of his stuff down into the basement.

We still have to finish the wall with a few coats of mud and some paint however, a huge hunk of the project is completed. Tim and I had a great time hanging out with everyone. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby Update

I had a checkup appointment this morning to see how things were going. They did a check up and I am about 18 weeks along (only 22 more weeks to go :-P).

They then tried to listen for the heart beat with the Doppler. I was a little scared because they have not had any success with this so far. However, the midwife that I met with today found the heartbeat in about 10 seconds. I was really impressed! The heartbeat was about 150 beats per minute which is good. It was a great reassurance that there is a baby growing inside me and that the baby is doing okay.

The ultrasound that "could" (if the baby cooperates) determine the sex of the baby is scheduled for December 8th at 9:00 AM. I will let everyone know what we are having if we are able to find out.

On a side note: Tim and I are going to be an Uncle and an Aunt any day now. My sister is due in 7 days!! I cant wait to find out if I have a niece or a nephew.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Shopping and more

So Tim and I finished up all of our Christmas shopping for the season. Most of the presents are wrapped. I am pretty sure this is the earliest I have ever completed this.

Tim and I are excited for Christmas this year in the house. Last year in the apartment we did not put out any decorations because we were packing to move back up to the area. So this will be the first year that Tim and I get to cut down a tree, put up lights, hang stockings an all of those fun traditions.

Tomorrow I go in for a monthly check up for the baby. At that point I will schedule the big ultrasound. This is where they check for the 4 chambers of the heart, look at the size, organs, and hopefully the sex of the baby. I will update and let everyone know when that will be.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Listen to Advice

So I learned a lesson this weekend from Karla (this is not something new.. I usually do.. however this one was particularly funny).

Tim and I cleaned out what will become the nursery this weekend. We took the double bed that was in there over to Tim's parents and gave it to Greg to sleep on. So with that done we actually had some room to move around in that room. We decided to build the crib so that we could see what it looked like and start arranging the room.

Well on the way home from Tim's parents house I was on the phone with Karla. I told her the plan of building the crib and that my Dad and Tim are going to paint soon. Karla then proceeds to tell me to make sure the crib will fit out of the room. That way we dont have to work around it when we paint. Well the plan was to keep it in the room when we painted since we were already going to have to move a bunch of furniture out.

So to make a long story short I didn't really listen to what Karla said. Tim and I started building the crib. We figured we would do it in the family room since there was more room there. It took us a little while and we had the crib built. We were pretty excited that it was done. We then attempted to move the crib into the nursery. However, the crib does not fit through a door frame. Tim and I tried to engineer a way for it to fit. We turned it every direction possible and it would not fit. So we had to completely disassemble the crib, carry the pieces into the nursery and then rebuild the crib.

I talked to Karla later that night and told her what happened. She proceeded to laugh hysterically at me. She told me that I needed to blog about this (my guess is so she can put a funny comment up for everyone to read ;-) ).

So moral of the story is to listen to your elders!! (I know I will pay for that comment but it was well worth it).

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Dinner Guests

Last night Tim and I had some friends from Aletheia over for dinner. Aaron and Ashley Proffitt came over and hung out. We had home made tacos and taco salad for dinner. We talked and caught up about the things that have been going on in our lives since we hung out last.

We had a lot of fun and hope to do something like that again soon. If you want to come over for dinner sometime just let us know :-D.

Redskins vs. Cowboys

After the Kelly's wedding on Saturday Tim and I drove up to NoVA and stayed with Steph. Steph rents this really nice condo that overlooks Reston Towne Center. We had fun on Saturday night and went to this little coffee shop (no coffee for me thought). We had s’mores and drinks. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Steph.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast with Steph and got ready for the skins game. We then drove up to Landover, MD for the game. We barely made it to the game in time for the kick off.

The game was really exciting. Tim and I stood up for the whole game (this is not typical for where our seats are). For those of you who did not watch the game or read about it later it was a very exciting game. The game was close the whole time. The ended up pulling it off with no time left on the clock. This game was one for the record books. If you want more details I will gladly relive them to you.

There are pictures from Steph's and from the skins game on the web album.

Kelly's Wedding

On Saturday Tim and I went to Kelly's wedding in Richmond. I got to see a lot of friends from college. We had a JMU computer science table at the reception. We got to catch up about events going on.

There are a few pictures from Kelly's wedding on our web album. Unfortunately the batteries in the camera were dying and therefore we were not able to take as many pictures as we planned.

Tim and I had fun hanging out with my friends and catching up. The wedding was very beautiful and enjoyable. The reception was a lot of fun. The food was great, especially the chocolate fondue with strawberries to dip!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Carbon Leaf

Last night Tim and I went to see Carbon Leaf play here in Harrisonburg. We had a lot of fun. We had time to catch up with a bunch of friends from college.

Sam came out to the house and picked me up. We then went and got some food and a good table for the show. We then meet up with Rachel, Mike, and Rachel's sister. It had been a while since I had seen all of them. We had a good time hanging out. Tim came to The Pub after his class ended. He also brought Greg along with him as well. The band was good as usual.

A lot of my pictures came out blurry last night. However, I will post the few that I took.

*Side note* I will be putting up some pictures tonight from a few other events. You can check them out on our web album.