Friday, January 19, 2007

My Nephew is getting SO Big!!

I was talking to Clare yesterday on the phone. She was telling me how big Bradley was at his last checkup. He weighs 11lbs and 23" long at 5 weeks old. That puts him in the 95% for weight and length. He is already wearing 3 month clothing. The next time I visit with him I will be sure to get some pictures and post them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preregistered at the Hospital

Yesterday Tim and I preregistered at the hospital. We filled out a ton of paper work. This will help so that I do not need to fill out a bunch of paper work while in labor.

We also got to sign up for a bunch of classes. These classes will start at the end of this month and last until the middle of March.


This weekend my Dad is coming up to help Tim paint the Nursery and guest bedrooms. My mom will be coming up as well. She and I will work on reupholstering the glider that was given to us.

After the nursery is painted I can rearrange the room for when the baby gets here. I will try and take some before pictures tonight before Tim and Greg move the furniture out of the rooms. Then Tim will fix all of the wholes in the walls and prep for painting.

I will post pictures after the rooms are done and reorganized.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Visitors from Atlanta

Yesterday Becca and John came up from Atlanta with their two dogs (Toby and Precious). They will be staying at our house for about a week. Last night we had a lot of fun catching up with them and just hanging out.

Tipsy loves the other two dogs and is getting a long great. Boomer is taking a little bit to warm up to his new visitors. However, he was doing pretty good towards the end of last night.

I am sure we will be taking lots of pictures and putting them online.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Visit to NC

New Year's weekend Tim and I went down to visit Karla, and the Foskey Family (Trevor, Kendra, Asher, and Olivia). Most of the weekend we hung out and caught up with them.

We had planned on staying through the New Year however we came back early since I was starting to feel more sick.

We had a lot of fun visiting with our friends. Tipsy and Boomer got to go along for the ride. This time Boomer didn't eat any parts on the CR-V so that was also a success.

Holiday Vacation

Tim and I took the week of between Christmas and New Years. We caught up on a lot of things around the house.

I organized the baby stuff that we have been given as gifts. I also washed the new crib set that my parents gave us.

Tim installed the recessed lights in the kitchen and they turned out wonderful. He also got the garage ready for the freezer we are getting. Tim installed the touch pad that opens our garage door with a code.

Out at Tim's parents Tim installed some new lights in their basement. This helped lighten up the basement from the HVAC being installed.

The Flu

I am stuck at home with the Flu. I have not had the Flu in over 10 years. I did however get a great night sleep with my new cough medicine. Since I am pregnant I cannot take most of the medicine for the Flu. So my doctor called in a prescription for me, which is a cough medicine with codeine. I used that last night and it worked wonderfully.

I am on bed rest until my doctor's appointment on Friday. We will then determine when I can go back to work.

New Web Albums

I added some new web album's today. Here are a couple of links to check out:

Bridget's Wedding

Bradley Patrick Winn (Clare's pictures)

Baby's Crib Set


Lanicia Playing Basketball