Thursday, July 19, 2007


This past Saturday we had some friends stop by the house. My friend Samantha and her boyfriend Patrick stopped by for lunch. We played a game of Mexican Train (its a domino game). They also got to play with Sammy. Here is a picture of Sam and Sammy:

Then a little while later another Kelly and her husband Chris stopped by to visit. They gave Sammy a really cute outfit from the Baby Gap. Here is Kelly and Chris holding Sammy.

Play Dates

Sammy had a friend over for a "play date" last week. Sammy loves to watch Daniel crawl around the house and play with toys. Nell-Marie and I got them to sit still for a minute on the couch so we could take a picture of them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thanks Grandma!

Last night we went for a walk in the jogging stroller my mom got us from a 2nd hand store. Sammy had a blast! Can you tell?

Father's Day Weekend

Proud Daddy

I realized that I never blogged about Sammy's first dip in the lake! Well on Father's Day weekend we went down to the lake to celebrate. My mom took some pictures for us of Sammy's first "swim" in lake Monticello.

I thought I would share a few:
Chris, Clare, Bradley, my Dad, my Mom, Tim, me, and Sammy on the dock

Grandpa holding his two grandsons

Bradley and Sammy in their boats

Sammy and Daddy Swimming

Here are the rest of the pictures.

Birth Announcements

Well I am a little behind on this since Sammy is almost 3 months old but I am in the process of working on them. The first part of that process was a Sammy photo shoot. Tim and I took these photos on our sofa when Sammy was about 9 weeks old.

(that last photo is not trick he is actually standing, he is leaning against the sofa but he is holding his own weight)

You can check out the other photos here.

Hammy Sammy

Sammy has been smiling for a while now however they are becoming easier to get out of him. He has really started to ham it up for the camera.

I hope that Sammy continues to be a happy smiley baby makes play time so much fun!

Fourth of July

Mommy and Sammy at the Lake

We went to to the lake to celebrate the 4th of July. My parents had a few other guests over as well, my great aunt Lydia was there, my mom's cousin Debbie, her husband and a few of her relatives, my aunt Annmarie, my cousin Kristine, Clare, Chris, and Bradley.

Aunt Lydia holding Sammy

We did not stay for the fireworks since I was feeling sick. However, before that I did go for my first dip in the lake of the year. I swam out to join my Mom and aunt Annmarie on paradise island.

You can check out a few more pictures here.

Feeling better

Well I think I am finally on the mends *knocks on wood*. Last week I went to see my doctor for a UTI and he informed me that I had elevated amounts of bilirubin in my urine. He ordered some blood work on Thursday. Friday evening he called me to tell me that my liver function was high (bad) and to go meet the surgeon at the hospital. They rechecked my bilirubin level and it had increased significantly and my liver function was up even more. They admitted me that night to determine if I was leaking from a duct from my gallbladder surgery or if I had gall stones in my common bile duct.

Saturday morning my levels were about the same, so they determine that it must be gall stones. I had a procedure called an ERCP done to remove the stones. They put a camera and other tools down your throat to enlarge the opening of the bile ducts to remove the stones. After reviewing the films they saw that I had 4 gall stones that were stuck in my common bile duct. I stayed Saturday night to be monitored for pancreatitis. Then I had to take it easy on Monday and watch for that as well.

I am feeling SO much better now and have been able to eat normal foods again and take care of Sammy. I have pictures of the gall stones (internal from the camera they used) if you would like to see them ;-).

Thanks for all of the prayers!