Friday, February 29, 2008

It was bound to happen at some point...

Sammy got his first ear infection.. well and I guess his second as well. He was running a low grade fever yesterday and would scream in pain when you laid him down. We took him to the walk in hours at our peditrician thinking he had an ear infection in his left ear. He looked in the right and said that one looks terrible then repeated the process on the left ear. The good news is that he didn't get his first until he was 10 months old, they said that is great especially since he is formula fed.

So we are doing the antibiotics and Tylenol to keep the fever down. We have a follow up appointment on Tuesday to make sure they are draining and all that.

I will be running to the natural food store today to pick up some acidophilus and some ear drops that are suppose to help with the pain (then nix the Tylenol).

On a side note, the big boy weighed in at 19 lbs. 4 ounces! So he will have no problem hitting the 20 lb mark by one year (per the peditrician)!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Safe and Sound

Sammy and Aunt Karla

Well we made it home safe and sound. We pulled into the driveway around 12:30 last night. Got Sammy settled in his room with his humidfier going (he has been fighting a cough). Unloaded the things we need for bed and first thing in the morning and got to bed. It was about 1:30 when we were actually getting into bed for the night.
Sammy being silly in the bean bag chair

Sammy and Tim at the log cabin

We had fun hanging out with Karla this weekend. We are glad the move went well and she is mostly settled.

The Family at the pool

Sammy and Mommy being silly

You can check out some more pictures here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stealing (read borrowing) Internet in Greenville

Well Karla is all moved into a temporary place here in Greenville until her house sells in Hendersonville. I am sitting on her porch stealing internet from one of her lovely neighbors :-)..

Her place is really cute and fun and full.. but works well for storage until she buys a new place. We had fun hanging out yesterday and unpacking boxes. We did a little relaxation yesterday evening in the indoor pool. The pool is heated and felt a lot more like a big hot tub then a swimming pool but felt great on the tired muscles.

Today we are going to do some more unpacking then go to church here in Greenville before heading back from VA. We are going to leave around 6pm tonight so we should be getting in around midnight.

Here are some pictures from the trip thus far :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

We are here!

In case anyone is reading we made it here safe and sound :-). Made good time and now we are off to bed.

Heading down to Hendersonville

Getting packed up to head down to North Carolina. Karla is on the move (yes.. again ;-) hehe)! I have the suitcases packed, but I need to go buy a baby gate. Then load everything in the car.

We will be leaving our house once Tim gets home from work and driving for 6 hours. Hopefully getting to Karla's around midnight or a little later. We like to make this long drive at night because Sammy will sleep in his car seat the whole way there and Tim and I hate making stops when on road trips.

We are heading back up on Sunday night, but I have Monday off for President's day and Tim is taking the day off as well to recover from the weekend and driving back late Sunday night :-P.

We do have our bathing suits packed for a little relaxation in the indoor pool and I'm sure some coffee and good conversation will be worked into the busy weekend as well :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This morning Sammy finished his bottle and I went to the kitchen to get the rest of his meal ready. I heard a clapping noise in the family room so I poked my head out to see what it was. Sammy was sitting on the floor clapping his hands together.

So wanting to savor the moment of this first I grabbed the camera and took a quick little video. Enjoy :-)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

On Saturday Tim, Sammy and I drove up to Warrenton to my Grandmother's house for her 87th birthday. We took her some lunch and spend part of the day chatting with her. She also blessed us with an amazing car while we were up there. She is no longer driving her 1999 Volvo station wagon and asked us if we could use it. We said that we could. Tim had to jump start the car since it hadn't been used in a while. We drove both of our cars back on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night we went over to our friends Mark and Katie's house for some dinner and games. We had a delicious dinner and really tasty dessert. We played a board game called inPursuit (its a spin off of trivial pursuit but is much quicker). We then got talking and we decided to form a book club! Mark is an English professor at JMU and Katie (now a SAHM) was a teacher. So Tim and I might be a little over our heads; but it should be a lot of fun!

Sunday Tim was not feeling well and stayed home from church. I went and worked in the nursery with all of the super sweet babies. After church we went out to Tim's parents house to hang out and see Dave for a while. Sammy showed off his new skills of walking w/ the push toys and signing all done.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sammy and his Dump Truck

Sammy loves his dump truck that he got from Gigi and Pop Pop. He likes to push the buttons that make noise. He turns it on the up side down and plays with the wheels..
Well now he walks with it!! Check out both videos here.

Sammy loves his baths

Sammy can be in a terrible mood and you put him in the bathtub and bam! a happy camper. The other night Tim and I had some fun taking pictures in the tub and spiking up Sammy's hair.
Sammy loves the tub and his tub toys so much he even likes to play when there is no water in the tub (i.e. Sammy's play pen when mommy is going potty ;-) LOL)
You can check out more pictures here.