Monday, September 29, 2008

A whole lot of random

Well I have been plowing through the books on my Fall into Reading 2008 list. I have finished Home Court Advantage, The Last Lecture, and Eleven on Top. I am working my way through Jane Eyre so I hope to have that finished by the classics book club on October 8th. I might have to add a few books to my list.

The Redskins won yesterday.. woohooo!! Sammy sported his Redskins jersey and warm up pants (pictures will follow). The CIO of my company is walking around in a Redskins jersey saying they are the best team ever and this makes me smile!

We are got a bunch of projects around the house knocked out last weekend.. didn't get anything done this weekend with all the rain. But once we paint the shutters and column out front I will post a picture of the new and improved front yard.

Had 3 cavities drilled last week, in 3 different sections of my mouth. I was pretty numbed up from that one. Its crazy what pregnancy can do to your body.

Sammy is into making the roaring noise. However, he thinks dogs make it. He likes it when we put the leash on his stuffed dogs and "walks" them around the house. I will have to get a video of it because it is very cute! Only downfall is whenever Tipsy hears the word walk or sees the leash she gets all excited.

Sammy is turning into a monkey. He can now get on the kitchen chairs and reaches things on the kitchen table. He can move the chairs closer to what he is trying to reach. We had a chair in front of the 'lazy Susan' to prevent him from dumping flour all over the house again. However now he thinks that is there so he can reach things on the counters.

We priced some new carpet for our family room, dinning room and hallway. We are going to to look at some samples at my BILs place sometime soon. That is going to be Tim and I's Christmas present to each other :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The last bit of the beach trip..

So I realize that we were at the beach almost a full month ago.. but I promise this is the last beach post.. hehe!

Day 4
We went to breakfast at this amazing restaurant with stuffed french toast (delicious). Then we went out to the pier.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool. That night my parents came over and stayed with Sammy and Tim, Nicia and I went and played put put.. it was the coolest put put places that we have ever been to. You road in a little train up to the top of the course. Here are a few pictures.. most of them turned out blurry:

Day 5

We went to the beach in the morning and then in the afternoon Nicia and I went to the outlet mall and did some shopping. Mostly we just got good deals in clothes for Sammy and shoes for him. We meet my sister and mom at the outlet mall as well.

That night we dropped Nicia and Sammy off at my parents condo and Tim and I went out to dinner and shopping.Day 6

This was our last day at the beach. We went to the Ripley's Aquarium and used up the leftover tickets for the carnival and swam in the pool. We had to leave early because of Hurrican Hanna (or was it a tropical storm..). We decided to leave at night in hopes that Sammy would sleep the whole way home.. he woke up about 3 hours from home.. So we let him watch veggitales in the car at 1 am :-P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall into Reading 2008

I just pulled together my pile of books for the Fall into Reading 2008 hosted at Callipidder Days. I love her reading challenges because they are no pressure challenges. You can set your own goals and if you end up changing your list part of the way through that is completely allowed!

So here are the books I am reading this fall and why I picked them :-)

Home Court Advantage by Kevin Leman

I am reading this book for the book club that I am in with some friends from church. We each rotate through picking a book and I am excited to finish this one up. I am about half the way through the book currently.

Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich

I love the Stephanie Plum series and I have been slowly reading through it. This was the series that got me into reading. I like the series so much that I have forced myself to read it slow so I can continue to enjoy it. I started this book while at the beach for some light reading. However, it has sat on the self for a few weeks so I am reading to dive back into it.

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

I started reading this aloud with Tim's little sister while we were at the beach. We however, didn't get to finish it while we were there. I am hoping to finish reading this aloud with her this fall.

The Last Lecture by Randy Paush and Jeffery Zaslow

I picked this book because I heard about it on the Today Show (I believe) and it caught my interest. My father was diagnosied with cancer when I was 15 and this story about a father who had cancer really touched my heart. I am very thankful that my Dad has been cancer free for a while now. However, I know if he had a terminal cancer and given the opportunity to do something like Randy got to do he wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I am reading Jane Eyre with the Classics book club at 5 minutes for books. I havent started this book so I most likely wont be able to participate in the carnival (just like last time with Pride and Prejudice) however, it is still motivating me to read these classics :-)

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

I am reading this book with Oprah's book club. I am excited that she has moved on from The New Earth and on to something that is more of my style. I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble for 40% off with my membership.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Let me first say that i am not a vampire person at all.. however, I have read some many reviews on this book. People saying to give it a chance so.. I am going to do just that!

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

I had this book on my Spring Reading Thing list and I still have yet to get around to reading this book. I picked this book up at the bookstore and read the back of it and thought hmm.. maybe I will try this. I put it back and a few days later I read a review on the book and the person highly recommended it, so now it sits in my pile to read. Hopefully I get to it this time around.

If I make it through all of those books I will be amazed with myself. I am hoping to keep reading and not get stuck on a tough book like last time. I have learned that if I am having a hard time getting into a book to put it down and try it again later. I wont be afraid to do that this time :)

You can check out the other participants in the Fall into Reading 2008 challenge here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

mini update and beach day 3

Sorry I have been bad about keeping up on the blog lately. Last week was busy with two days at the office and two days in Pennsylvania. The time with family was really a blessing. Clare and I were able to spend some quality time in the car on the way there and back talking.

Now back to the beach trip! On the third day we spend the morning until lunch at the beach. I did a little of this:
Tim and Sammy had fun building sandcastles and Nicia had fun splashing in the waves:

We walked down the beach to where my parents and Clare and her family were staying. We built some more sandcastles and played with all of them:

After nap time we went down to Broadway at the Beach to the Carnival that they have setup. Everyone had fun riding the rides.. well all except for one for Sammy.

We then went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. Sammy had fun watching everyone dance and clap. Here is a picture of him with his hat on (sorry its a little blurry).

Thank you GrandPat and Gigi for the carnival tickets and delicious dinner! We had a blast!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First 2 days of the beach

Day 1

I figured I would space out the trip to the beach through a couple of posts. I got some really great photos and I want to torture share them with you guys.

The first day was spent mostly packing the car, driving, quick couple of stops for food and restrooms, and unpacking the car. Nicia (Tim's little sister, 10) and Sammy spent most of the trip watching the veggietales on the portable DVD player. Sammy did really good on the trip there.

We got a few pictures when we first got to the condo. Here is Nicia's room:

Here is Sammy after 7 hours in the car and 2 hours after bed time:Sammy thought these chairs were great! He could climb in them all by himself and could make them rock.

We unpacked the car and got sheets on the beds. I put Sammy down and Nicia and Tim ran out to get some groceries.

Day 2

We got up at 7:00 am ate some breakfast got in our swimsuits and applied the first of many layers of sun screen. We trekked down to the beach (our condo was right on the beach so not far to go). Here is Nicia, Sammy and I out on the beach, this picture was taken from our condo balcony.

We built sand castles, boogie boarded, made an "ocean" for Sammy. Then we headed back to the condo for a quick dip in the pool before lunch.

After lunch (and Sammy's nap) we played at the pool and made dinner. We went to bed pretty early that night since we were up late the night before.

Here are a few other pictures from the first 2 days:

Daddy and Sammy walking on the beach

Sammy waterlogged and loving it

Sammy splashing in his toddler sized ocean

Sammy playing with play dough for the first time

Monday, September 8, 2008

In Memory of Bina Clare

I have been trying to write this post for a few days. I am having a tough time putting into words what my relationship with my Grammy means to me. So here are a few stories I have in my head.

Often, Grammy would sit for hours at Uncle Tom's real estate office and watch her grandkids swim. She would gives us words of encouragement as we climbed up on the posts that held the dock in place. She would cheer when we jumped off. She loved watching the games that Bridget, Clare and I made up. She also made sure we didn't throw Chad into the deep end or make him do anything too embarrassing.

When it was time to leave the lake for the day, We would all pile in the back of her car. She always had pretzel rods in there. What could be much better than eating a few dozen soggy (because we just got out of the lake) pretzel rods.

Grammy was an amazing baker. She made the worlds best fudge. I have yet to come close to being able to make fudge like she did. I remember at Christmas time, Grammy and Poppy would send a huge box down a week or so before Christmas. In the box, there was always 3 different colors of wrapping paper. One for Clare, one for my parents, and one for me. We would have fun guessing which color belonged to which person. In this big box, there was also a tin filled with her fudge. It was cut into tiny little pieces. The fudge was so rich that you couldn't eat more than a couple of squares at a time. We would all sneak pieces of it, but I think my Dad always got the most.

Every summer, while Clare and I were growing up, my parents would send us up to the lake for a week or so. Clare and I looked forward to that visit all year. We spent most of our waking hours water-logged in the lake. However, I have great memories sleeping in the bedroom my dad and uncle grew up in. Clare and I would play games all through the house. The house was much older than any we had ever lived in. We loved playing hide and seek in all of the back rooms and staircases. Grammy would give me hints as to where Clare was hiding.

Grammy took us to her church when we were up there. She was an active member of the church there on the lake. I remember always running over there to drop off some flowers or do something else for the church. Grammy loved the Lord and I know that she is with him now, staying up late (like she always did) watching over all of us.

At the funeral service on Thursday, I will be reading this poem ("The Dash Between My Dates") by an unknown poet:

Memorial Day was over now
All had left and I was alone
I began to read the names and dates
Chiseled there on every stone.

The dates that show whether it was Mom or Dad
Or daughter or baby son
The dates were different but the amount the same
There were two on every one.

It was then I noticed something
It was but a simple line
It was the dash between the dates
Placed there, it stood for time,

All at once it dawned on me
How important that little line
The dates placed there belong to God
But that line is yours and mine.

It's God who gives us precious life
And God who takes away
But that line between He gives to us
To do with what we may.

We know God's written the first date down
Of each and every one
And we know those hands will write again
For the last date has to come.

We know He'll write the last date down
And soon we know for some
But upon the line between my dates
I hope He'll write, "well done."

Until we meet again, Grammy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blogging Meme

Katrina over at Callapidder Days tagged me for this meme while I was on vacation. I thought it would be a good way to get back into the blogging.

Here are the rules:

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post (I'm not so much interested in generating links, but rather in tracking the meme so I can perhaps do a summary post later on that looks at patterns and interesting discoveries.)
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

1. Blogging has allowed me to keep everyone up to date on Sammy's milestones and funny stories. I love being able to share what is going on in our lives with people that want to know. Blogging allows me to do this with out boring everyone who doesn't want to hear with stories of whats going on.

2. Blogging has helped me to make some new friends that are in similar places in their lives. I have meet so many more SAHMs and have been able to connect with them on a level that is hard to achieve in the real world. It is hard to find other SAHMs of small children that are interested in hanging out and chatting. So blogging helps to make being a SAHM a little less alienated. Did that make any sense?

3. Blogging is my scrapbook. I dont have a scrapbook going for Sammy. I am planning on just printing out the blog and giving that to him as his scrapbook. I kept his baby book for the 1st year up to date and the blog. I actually used the blog to go back and fill in some of the information I missed the first time around in the baby book.

4. Blogging has allowed me to have a creative outlet. I have started my blog design company and I am loving getting to know bloggers on a different level. I also love the technical side of blog design. We are hoping we are raising Sammy up to be a tech geek (like both of his parents)... we are brain washing encouraging him early:
5. Blogging has helped me with my writing skills. I was a terrible writer (probably still am to most people :-P). Practicing my writing and reading more blogs has allowed me to become a better writer.

Who I am tagging:

Clare at Diapers to Designs
Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments
Kellie at La Vida Dulce

Friday, September 5, 2008

We made it back

Well we made it back from the beach this morning at 1:30.. Sammy slept for 5 of the 7 hours of the trip except the last 2 :-P So he got to watch veggietales at 12 am! We are in the unpacking process (uggh how I hate unpacking). I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs and update everyone on our trip.

In the meantime, please be praying for my family. My Grammy is not doing well. The nurses are recommending hospice care for her. She had surgery about 2 weeks ago and it took a long time for her to get off of the ventalator. She made a drastic recovery from Friday night to Saturday morning. We got the word and the whole family (Tim, Sammy, Nicia, Clare, Chris, Bradley, my parents and I) left for the beach. Last night my Dad got an update that Grammy had taken a turn for the worst. I will have some more information soon, but please keep Grammy in your prayers. We lost her husband this same week last year.