Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Moon and Snow

So I started the New Moon late last night.. Tim asked if I could give up my addiction to go to bed.. It was tough but I knew I would regret it in the morning if I didn't! I am already hooked into this book (about 100 pages in). See you guys in a few days!

Just so you guys dont leave I will leave you with a few pictures of our adventure in the "snow."

Sammy wanted to play with his sandbox

Swinging in the snow

Sliding on the snow.. there wasn't enough to go sledding so he slid this way :-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whats on my Nightstand- January

Over at 5 minutes for books they are doing the Whats in your Nightstand carnival. So I wanted to jump in and share what is on my "nightstand."

Last night I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and I thought it was pretty good :-).

So for the next month here is the list that I plan to read:

1. The Tales of Beedle and Bard
2. New Moon
3. The Lies Women Believe

Head over to the carnival and see what is on everyone's nightstands :-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Flashbacks and Milestones

I checked Sammy into the nursery yesterday for church. They have a little chart that they have you fill out. It asks for their name, when they eat, nap, prayer requests, parents name and you get assigned a number. The other piece of information on there is their age. Yesterday Sammy turned 21 months.. it was then realized my baby is almost 2!

I was looking at some older pictures of him and some from the beginning I don't even remember taking. He is stringing more words together and I know he will be learning so many new words soon.

At bed time Tim and I sing "Jesus Loves You" to him. He points to himself during the song and dances in Tim's arms. He likes to give Mommy a kiss nigh nigh (as he says it). Then Tim takes him to bed. Every night I say, "Night Night see you in the morning". Last night Tim was walking him down the hall he said, "Nigh Nigh see ya more-in."

Sammy is also physically advancing as well. He can now jump (his toes barely come of the ground). He can go down the slides by himself. He can climb up just about anything he puts his mind to.

We had to take him out of highchair because he could climb into that when the tray was off getting washed. He thankfully has not tried to climb out of his crib since Christmas Eve.

January 2009

January 2008

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday's lessons

Yesterday Tim and I went to help my parents. They were having a garage sale at my grandparents house. It was pretty chilly yesterday so I was a little skeptical of how well they would do. Luckily my grandfather has a heater in the garage so we kept pretty warm.

Some lessons we learned at the garage sale:

1. Only deal with dollars. If things aren't worth a dollar then make them 2 for a dollar etc.
2. Advertise its worth the money
3. Have a plan for the stuff that didn't sell
4. People love a winter garage sale!!

My parents have been working their tails off getting this house ready for the market. I am glad that Tim and I were able to help them out some!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally a “Warm” Day


It was actually not freezing today so we decided to take the big red wagon down to the playground in our neighborhood. 

Sammy wanted me to take a picture of him on the way there:


Sammy is so active on the playground now that it is hard to get pictures  He wants to do all of the stuff the big kids are doing.  I did get one cute photo of him.


That is actually his natural smile and not his “cheese” smile he usually gives the camera.  That smile makes my heart melt.

I don’t have very many pictures of me on these little adventures.  However, today Tim got one of the 2 of us.IMG_2643

I am excited because I get to go on a date with this guy tonight:


Sammy is spending the night at his Grandma’s tonight!  Then we will be headed up to my Grandma’s house to help my parents tomorrow.

Sorry that wasn’t a very creative post :-P  I hope you guys enjoyed it none the less :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

I love The Mom Jen's Thursday carnival. I have been reading her blog for a while now but this is my first time doing the Thousand Word Thursday. I wanted to share a picture from when Tim and I first started dating back in 2002.

I am not sure what camera Tim was looking at however I love this picture. We were at a bar where Tim's band was playing. It was one of the last "gig" (I feel like a poser when I say that word) before the band broke up. This is one of the only pictures from when we were dating that I have a digital copy of of. I hope to scan in some more someday :-).

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I could quit at anytime!

So a while ago my friend Jolanthe told me about the site Paperback Swap. I had heard of it a few times before but I hadn't checked it out. She told me about all of these great books she was getting through the site and I decided to check it out.

So the general idea of the site is you add books that you no longer want to your account. When you first sign up you add 10 books and they give you 2 credits. The credits are used to get the books you want from another member. You can create a wish list of the books you would like. When someone posts that book you receive an email asking if you would still like it. Then the person confirms when they will ship the book out.

The only cost is the actual cost of shipping the book to the person who wants it. You pay this yourself. Once you ship a book you receive another credit for you to request a book.

I finally got all some books added on Sunday and I have 3 books to ship out. This is a great way to reduce the cost of books. At our library it is hard to get your hands on newer books so this is a great way to be able to read books closer to when they come out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

RSV is the Pits

On Thursday afternoon Sammy woke up very congested and wheezing. I called and made an appointment at the pediatrician's office because the wheezing sounded so strenuous for him. They saw us about an hour after I called (I love our pediatrician's office).

He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis caused from RSV. They gave us a free sample of an asthma medicine (no he doesn't have asthma) but it is one of the only things that will help them with their breathing. He said see you on in about a week unless he breaks a fever or his breathing gets worse.

Well Saturday late afternoon (after the office was closed) his fever kept rising. So we decided to take him to the walk in hours on Sunday (again I love that office :-P). RSV has been really prevalent in the area. We were the doctor's 4th or so patient all with RSV. She checked his lungs they still sound good (Praise the Lord!) and took a look in one ear.. o boy she said.. She then told us about the other patients she had seen that morning all with RSV all that turned into ear infections. She checked his other ear. She said his did as well.. and unfortunately the worse case she had seen that day.

We collected our stuff and our prescription to head over to Target. Since its the beginning of the year we have to hit our deductible.. so that little bottle of antibiotics will set us back $60.. but totally worth it! Sammy had been a royal mess yesterday.. The sickest we have ever seen him. My non-cuddlier just wanted to sit on my lap and watch veggie-tales. This morning he was like a new boy. Don't get me wrong he still feels bad.. but is not as clingy and wanting to play some today.

So this has been our little run in with RSV.. how was your weekend?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just some picutres

Ever wonder what three bedrooms looks like in your family room and kitchen.

Well now y0u know!

Meet Professor Sammy:

He also wanted to read a book to you:


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sleep Letter to Sammy

Dear Sammy,

I love that you like to sleep. I am so thankful that you have been a fairly easy sleeper. However, about a week ago something changed. Something that Tim and I cannot pinpoint. We do however know that you wake up at 4:30 and fuss for a few minutes. You usually go back to sleep.. or you are at least quite. 4:30 is not the time that Mommy and Daddy want to get up. Last night however, you did not fall right back asleep.. we heard you until we got fed up and turned the monitor off.

So would you please tell Mommy and Daddy why you are waking up. This would help us out a lot! If you do not wish to tell us that is fine.. but please go back to sleeping until 7 am.

With Love,
Your sleepy Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Jan. 13th

Last week we were getting ready for the carpet to be installed. I was back in Sammy's bedroom when I heard Tipsy bark. I realized that it would be Tim getting home from work. I told Sammy to run into the Family Room and see who was home. We have a step stool in front of our windows so he can look outside. He ran in and climbed up and said, "Ohh I see Daddy."

I about fell over when I heard him say that! He has been saying "I see" a lot but had not made a complete sentence like that before.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Review: For Women Only

A while ago Tim and I had the pleasure of going to a Weekend to Remember retreat. One of the books I picked up at the retreat was For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I have been loving this book. Tim is reading the For Men Only book at the same time.

We both have been learning so much about each other through the books. The men's book tells them how women cannot compartmentalize their emotions. So if something at work is bothering them they can't set that aside at home. They are still thinking about it. So true!

I have been learning about men's need to provide for his family. But most importantly how important my respect for him is.

It explains in great detail why God tells the wife to respect her husband and the husband to love his wife. To summarize this point it is because God knows that the wife will love her husband and that the husband will respect his wife so he doesn't need to tell them those things.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to know more about the way a man's brain works.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 Computer Geeks

Last night, my mind was going over many different thoughts and issues in our lives. My mind kept switching from one thought to another to another ... constantly active. I then attempted to convey to Tim what going on in my brain. I said "It's like my hard drive light is blinking rapidly." I guess that got the idea across, because his reply was, "maybe you need to let God defragment it." Good advice ... and maybe just a little geeky :).

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I will be one of the first people to admit that I am addicted to books. I tend to get my hands on them faster than I can read them. So one of my goals for the year was to catch up on the books I have.

I created a spreadsheet (yes I am a nerd) of all of the books (and authors) that I have but have not read. I would love to add how many pages they are but I haven been that ambitious yet. Since we are tightening down the budget, I am all the more motivated to not purchase any books for the whole year.

My friend Jolanthe was telling more about paperback swap. I had heard of it before but it wasn't until I decided to get rid of books that I am not going to reread that it made sense.

What are you guys doing to cut money?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terrible Hair Disaster of 2009

Now don't get your hopes up, as this is not a deep post. But I need to share what happened about a week ago. Tim and Sammy both needed to have their hair cut, and I had just purchased a better pair of scissors in order to trim up their hair between hair cuts.

So I sat Tim down and gave him a haircut without clippers for the first time. It turned out pretty good. My confidence was building. I had trimmed Sammy's hair up between getting it cut at the barber shop before and he sat really still for me. So I thought "hmm...lets try this...I think I can do it." I started by trimming up the bottom. Okay, that looked pretty good. Next up was to cut the back of the hair. Sammy was not really wanting to sit still, but Tim was helping me. I was on a high from his great hair cut. I started snipping. So far so good. He started to get more wiggly.. I still hadn't recovered from the high of Tim's successful haircut. Sammy wiggled again, and I snipped and ... oh the horror of what just happened! It was now REALLY short in the back. I tried not to panic and attempted to even it up still. I could not, in fact, do that with him so wiggly.

I decided to take a break and assess the haircut. We let Sammy run around for a little while. It looked terrible, and I knew what they would have to do at the barber shop. They would have to buzz it. So I got out the clippers. Tim held Sammy and fed him mint M&Ms to keep him still. I buzzed it and made the best out of it. I learned, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will not cut his hair again except to trim around the ears again for a LONG TIME.
I am just glad his birthday isn't for 4 months.. it should be back to normal by then :-P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pep Talks

When I was young, I was on the swim team for about 6 years or so. My dad was a DQ (disqualification) judge at the pool. He had a lane or two to watch and would put a flag up if someone did an illegal stroke.

Since my sister and I both swam on the swim team, he was never the judge for our lanes, but he was always there at the starting blocks to give us a pep talk. It was always the same pep talk. He would say, "Push off hard, swim well, and don't DQ." He said this before every swim for Clare and I.

Whenever Clare or I were going through a rough patch he would give us this same pep talk. When my parents dropped me off at college my mom wrote me a beautiful letter about how much she loved me and was there to help if I needed it. I took this note out many times through out my years of college. My Dad, however, simply told me to "Push off hard, swim well, and don't DQ."

When my Dad walked me down the isle on my wedding day he gave me two bits of advice. He told me to smile because everyone is looking and (you're getting the picture) to "Push off hard, swim well, and dont DQ."

Tim's company has recently fallen on some tough times, and it has affected everyone in the company deeply. When Tim told me what was happening, two thoughts came to mind. The first was that God will provide for us and the second was that we need to "Push off hard, swim well, and don't DQ."

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Great Excape

On Christmas Eve I was wrapping presents and Tim was cleaning up in the kitchen. We were listening to Christmas music and enjoying getting ready for the next morning. Then we heard a loud thump with hysterical screaming.

Into Sammy's room we went running. We found the poor little guy on the floor of his room. He climbed out of his crib and fell onto his wooden stool. We checked him over and everything seemed fine (which it was). We put him back to bed and then proceeded to turn on the video monitor everytime we heard a slight movement :-P Tim and I think he was trying to sneak out and see Santa.

I guess the fall scared the little man since he has not tried it again. We are now trying to decide if we are going to switch him to a bed or wait and see if he climbs out again. He is 20 months old now and I am just not sure he is ready for the big boy bed. Especially since he can open doors he could be out watching TV at 2 am!

So when did you guys switch your kids to beds?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I love how they say hindsight is always 20/20. We are getting new carpet in our house. It was delivered yesterday by my Dad. We cleaned up the garage so we could temporary put the carpet in there until it gets installed next weekend.

We then started thinking about the logistics of moving the furniture. It was then that I realized we were basically moving! In 2 days they will be putting down carpet in the great room (family room and dinning room), hallway and all 3 bedrooms. I am excited about the carpet but man what were we thinking!!

Sammy helping to unload the trailor with Pop Pop

Sammy having fun playing on top of the carpet

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cousins in the Park

The Saturday after Christmas we went over to my sister's house to see some more family. My Aunt and Cousin were in town from PA.

After nap we took the boys to a park near their house. They had so much fun playing together. We tried to get a picture of them both going down the slide together however it just didnt happen. The photo series has me cracking up though:

Sammy started down the slide

Made it to the bottom

Hey Buddy are you coming down?

Then Bradley came down :-P

I just liked the way the light was hitting him in this one

Chris and Bradley walking to the car

We then went to this great Mexican restaurant for dinner. Thanks Jimmy and Aunt Annmarie for the dinner! Sammy then got to open his present. It was a full size stuffed Shetland Sheepdog. He has had so much fun playing with that dog.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

On Christmas Eve we went to my sisters house for dinner. She made an amazing meal with ham, baked apples, and all sorts of other yummy things. You can check out her blog for pictures of the table because it was gorgeous!

After dinner the boys got to open one present from their parents and their presents from Nana (my Grandma).
Sammy's present from Nana (a total hit)
A view from above

A group shot.. not bad for 2 toddlers

Christmas morning my parents came over to watch us open presents and eat breakfast. Sammy loved all of his presents but his favorite is most certainly the fire truck (cozy coupe) that Gigi and Pop Pop.

Opening stockings from Santa

Santa left Tim a Redskins hat so he would stop stealing his wife's ;-)

Gigi, Sammy and Pop Pop after the stockings

Playing with toys

One of my sister's friends makes these toddler bath towels, Clare got the boys one for Christmas, ours was costume made Tipsy towel :-)

After Sammy's nap we went over to Tim's parents to open some presents and hang out with his family. For Tim's family we draw names. This year we had Nicia and Reatha and had so much fun finding the perfect gifts for them.

Nicia opening her Star Wars legos she also got some cool Narnia stuff from us

Reatha opening her tea we also got her a toaster oven :-)

Sammy opening one of his toys from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave

We had such an amazing Christmas filled with family and fun. I loved watching the excitement of the day through Sammy's eyes.