Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I live in a tiny town. However, we live 10 miles from a "city." It is a small city but a city none the less! There are several train lines that run through the city. They are not crazy busy train lines but a train usually comes through several times a day (on the different lines).

Yesterday Sammy and I were on our way to meet Tim at his office. As I am coming down a hill I see the crossing arms started coming down. I was annoyed to say the least. I would have to drive several miles out of the way to be able to cross over the tracks. I was the 2nd car from the trains making it hard to turn around if I had wanted to.

As I was debating this and becoming annoyed with the delay Sammy spotted the train! He got super excited to see this long cargo train. I thought to myself well I have a few minutes of excitement before it gets old. However, since he was so excited I sat there. Sammy telling me all about the choo choo as he calls them. Sammy remained excited as all of the graffiti cargo cars zoomed past on the railroad tracks. He called my name to tell me about the train at least 30 times. It was then I realized its all about our perspective!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last week Sammy and I met my friend Katie and her beautiful kids at the pumpkin patch. We had fun with a little photo shoot. This is the best one of the three of them!

Sammy liked sitting in the pumpkins but didn't want to look at the camera :-P

We went walking through the field looking for a nice pumpkin to pick!

Sammy and Noelle were to sweet walking through the pumpkin patch holding hands!

We also had to do the necessary Great Pumpkin picture! Sammy stood up there all by himself and poked his head through the hole!

We are struggling with a nasty cold this week so I'm glad we got out to the pumpkin patch already. We even picked out a fun little pumpkin to paint for the front porch.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friend Makin Monday- Can't Live Without

Okay this week Amber has us listed out things we can't live without. Minus the obvious for me of food, water, air, and God. Here is my list:

1. My family - Love them :-)
2. Internet - I rely on it for my calendar, to do list, weather, phone book, etc. - If you are not using firefox you should be.. sorry had to do my IT job ;-)
3. Books - I love to read! Which if you knew me when I was younger is really funny because I hated to read!!
4. Mt. Dew - This stuff is so bad for you but I love it! I limit it a ton but when I do get to have one its delicious!
5. Coffee - I like coffee a lot.. but I can't live without it because my husband can't live with out it coffee!!What are some things you can't live without?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tot School - Letter B and fall crafts

Sammy is 29 months.

This week we reviewed the letter B. This is Sammy's favorite letter so we did a lot of B crafts because he was super excited about it! I again didn't do great with the pictures. I will work on that this week!

Some activities we did:
  • blocks (building towers and sorting by colors)
  • books (mostly he pretended to read them to me by naming things on the page!)
  • sorted pom poms with tongs
  • beading
  • puzzles
Some outside activities that we did this week I actually documented on film ;-)

We went to the local pumpkin patch with some friends:

We went to Sammy's Aunt's soccer game. Here he was saying, "Go Go!"

Here is the one action shot I got:

Our finished crafts:
Starting in the top left: an paper bag owl, a hand print wreath, a bonfire, a football, a bumble bee B, A banana B, a ballon B (I came up with this one), and a Basketball B (I also came up with this one).

We went on a road trip this weekend. We stopped in Charlotte, NC to visit a good friend of mine. She has a HUGE playground in her apartment complex so we let Sammy run off some steam before hitting the road. Here he is going down that HUGE slide. That is my head on the far left. It was at least over a story and he had a blast!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids Say the cutest things!

Sammy's language has been amazing me the last few weeks. I love hearing what he is thinking about and what interests him. Some sweet things we have heard this week:
  • Thank you Mommy yummy ruit (fruit)
  • Look a car beep beep. Ohh wow car beep beep. A little car beep beep. (Said one after another watching for Daddy out the window)
  • While pulling his friend Noelle by the hand come on Noelle (or his attempt) see wagon!
  • I was working one evening and Tim and Sammy were eating dinner. Sammy then kept saying bite Mommy eat bite! Bite bite! He wanted me to stop and eat with them :)
  • Tim's brother came up from the basement at his parents house with his shirt off. Sammy proceeded to say, "ewww yuck ughh!." He then ripped his pants off to try and be like Uncle Greg :-P
Some not so sweet:
  • "No Mommy" when asked to do something
  • "Hush Mommy" when he wants a turn talking
  • After being disciplined I tried to explain why he can't tell me to hush. Basically I said God commands little kids to obey their Mommy and Daddy. He then said, "why?"
Luckily most of these have been handled and he will hopefully move on to a new phase of "development" because man that has been exhausting!

What was/is the hardest phase with your kid(s)? And just so you don't think my son is a little spit fire all of the time.. I leave you with some sweet photos from the end of last week!

Here Mom! Flower for you :-)

His beautiful bouquet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall into Reading 2009

Well I'm excited that Fall is here! The pumpkins, the cinnamon, the crisp air, the apples, the leaves, okay you get the point ;-). I really like fall... Summer use to always be my favorite however recently fall is getting closer and closer to being my favorite!

Also with the fall comes Katrina's Fall Into Reading challenge. It's an amazing simple reading challenge. No real pressure, just pick some books and read. Write a review if you feel like it.

So what am I reading this fall? I will tell you!

Here are two books I need to finish up. I have been reading them for a while and need to finish them up!
  1. The New Dare to Discipline by James Dobson - I am reading this one for obvious reasons, I have no idea how to teach Sammy the right behavior. I want to learn now how to do it and nip some of these "terrible twos" in the bud before they become permanent behaviors.
  2. Just Do It by Douglas Brown - Read the review of this book on 5 Minutes for Books and it sounded interesting. My husband and I are reading this book together.
Next are some books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while that I am finally making a priority to read:
  1. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - I want to see this movie so I need to read the book first :-)
  2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - I have had this book for a while and it always sounds so good but it keeps getting put off until later. This fall I will read it!!
  3. Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich - just got this from paperbackswap and can't wait to read the latest about Stephanie Plum!
  4. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - Tim and I pre-ordered this one and we are both ready to read it.
  5. Big Fish by Daniel Wallace - My sister was getting rid of some books and this one sounded like a really fun read. Thanks Clare!
  6. Girls in Peril by Karen Lee Boren - Again I got this book a while ago and pushed it to the back of the shelf.. so now is the time to read it!
  7. Atonement by Ian McEwan - another book that I want to see the movie and I have heard really great things about.
  8. Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult - I love Jodi Picoult and can't wait to read another one of her amazing stories!
Bible study:
  1. Discovering the Treasures of a Godly Woman: Proverbs 31 by Elizabeth George - this book is for my Mom's bible study through church.
  2. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - This book is through a book club that Tim and I are in with some good friends. I have never read this book so I can't wait to dig in. I just hope I can understand it ;-)
  3. Continuing to read through the bible in a year - (fell behind.. trying to catch back up)
What are you reading this fall? For more Fall into Reading participants check out Callapidder Days.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Thoughts - Pictures

I have some random pictures that I haven't had a chance to post. Nothing to make a whole post about. So I give you ran thoughts and pictures!

Playing in the rain:

The church we go to is mostly a college aged church. We do a lot of out reaches to the 3 colleges/universities within 15 miles of each other. This was one we did at the major university near us. Sammy was watching the volleyball game with our buddy Dave:
It was late like 9pm when we left.. we kept Sammy going with some liquid sugar (fantana grape soda):While at the beach Tim and I played an awesome game of Mexican Train.. we ended up playing all of the 15 dot dominoes except about 10 that we both got stuck with:What are some of your favorite games?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tot School - Letter A and fall crafts

Well I'm back at doing some Tot School with Sammy this week. Sammy knows his letters but I like having a letter for the week to give me something to help me plan.

I somehow didn't end up with a lot of pictures during our activites. I will share the ones I grabbed :-)

Sammy gluing apples on his A apple tree. The finished product is at the end of the post.

Painting part of another apple tree

Fingerprint apples were painted on this tree. Sammy mostly liked to smear the paint around on the tree ;-)

Sammy loves water!! So I filled the sink with some water, dropper, bottle, cup, and spoon.

Here is the some of our finished crafts. I am trying to get better about keeping the links for the ideas I found online. The Alligator A was from No Time for Flashcards. The other 2 As I came up with. The apple crafts were found online somewhere as well!

We did a few other activities that didn't get pictures:
  • puzzles
  • counting (one of Sammy's current favorite things to do)
  • building with blocks
  • sweeping the floor
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Beach Trip in Review Post 4

Since we tend to get sand everywhere when we go down to play in the sand I brought my old camera down to the beach. These pictures are from all week down on the beach. We had a lot of fun playing down in the sand and surf!

We wore our sunglasses even when it was cloudy

We built sandcastles :-)

Sammy loved putting sand in the water bucket :-)

We snuggled as we tried to get warm and ate snacks

I read some :-)

We tried to learn not to throw sand.. didn't happen :-P

We relaxed :-)

We practiced swimming in the pool (check out his blue lips - the water was a little cold) excuse my hair ;-)

We flew up way in the air.. well one of us did

We got sand everywhere. Sammy retained his name Sandy Sammy

We jumped over the waves

We lost our swim suit in the water :-P

We pracitced putting our own sunglasses on

Sammy spun around like an airplane and smashed into the waves. This was his favorite beach activity

Okay normal posting will resume next week :-P I am all out of vacation photos don't worry ;-)