Monday, November 30, 2009

Friend Makin Monday- Survey Style

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a lot of fun spending time with friends and family. I will post some pictures tomorrow :-).

1. Favorite website -
hmmm If I had to pick just one I would say facebook. But I love my google reader as well :-)

2. Favorite color -
blue with out a doubt.. any blue.. but navy is my favorite

3. Facebook? -
Yes :-) see number 1!

4. Favorite Christmas song?
-Rocking around the Christmas tree is one of my favorites.. hmm and probably Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer!

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake?
-real! Love the smell and they look so much prettier! We will be getting ours this weekend!

6. Hottest celebrity?
-I am not a big celebrity follower and the hottest person to me is my husband :-)

7. Favorite restaurant?
-family style: Red Robin
-With out the Kids: a little Italian restaurant in a neighboring town very fun atmosphere

8. Favorite magazine?
-hmm I like Real Simple.. and I am loving their December issue.. I want to flip through it again and write down some of the fun handmade Christmas presents :-)

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays?
-hot chocolate yum!

10. Favorite Christmas movie.
-growing up: Home Alone
-adult: Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen
-with Sammy: any of the veggitale Christmas movies, Polar Express, the Grinch that stole Christmas, well just about any cute Christmas movie, I wish we got ABC Family so we could watch all of the movies :-)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be eating a little of this today:

And following these directions tomorrow:

Thanksgiving 2007:

Thanksgiving 2008:

I am thankful for my family, my friends, all of you, and most of all God! I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot Chocolate!

The other my friend Amanda blogged about her daughter, "Beans" having her first cup of hot chocolate! Beans loved it and was very messy, sticky and it was so cute!

I had been contemplating letting Sammy have some hot chocolate. The other night it was nice and cold. I busted out his snowman pjs and made 3 cups of hot chocolate. Sammy's was more like a half a cup but he didn't know that ;-) I added an ice cube and made it luke warm. Doesn't he look cute and festive:

He blew on it to "cool it off" even though it was like bath water!

He watched Daddy drink his:

He kissed his mug and that was as close as his lips got to drinking it:

I even tried to bribe him with a Hershey's kiss (yes, I went there). I felt like Laura trying to get Syd to eat a peanut butter cup. Eventually I gave up when he told me the hot chocolate was yucky after we got him to take a sip from a spoon. The boy doesn't know what he is missing out on!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

-We have a little cold bug going through the family. Nothing major just some coughing and running nose. However, when your 2.5 this usually makes you quite the handful!

-Sammy has become so sensitive in the last week or so. I got a bad cardboard cut last week. My whole finger was pretty sore for a few days. I bumped my finger on the light switch and it took my breath away. Sammy said, " Are you okay Mommy?"

-When I picked my nephew Bradley up on Thursday he was super excited. He said to me, "Aunt Lindsay Aunt Lindsay! Look at my shirt it has a sweater on it!" It totally cracked me up. I loved having his little chatter box in the car with me. He pretty much talked for the hour drive we had back to my house.

-My sister is AMAZING. They moved on Thursday and she had a week to pack the house! Mind you she is almost 20 weeks pregnant and she had this house ginormous house to pack. She had some help but I am still amazed by how fast her and her husband were able to get that done!

-Thanksgiving is on Thursday! Yay! I am reading for some pumpkin pie and some mashed potatoes. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

-I am going to watch My Sister's Keeper tonight.. I haven't seen it yet but I loved the book! I will have the tissues handy!

-I wrapped Tim's Christmas present yesterday while he was at church. I had it hidden in the closet so I wanted to wrap it before he accidentally saw what it was.

-We have some jumbo rolls of wrapping paper from costco a few years ago (3 or maybe 4 years). I am pretty sure we are only about half the way through them!

-I broke out some Christmas music already!!

-I want to go caroling this year! Anyone that lives near me want to come?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tot School - Thansgiving + Random

Tot School
Sammy is 30 months

This week I didn't have a plan.. but we still had a lot of fun. I let Sammy pick most of the activities this week. He had a lot of fun playing with his new nativity scene. Some of his favorite things to do with it were to put the sheep up where the angel is suppose to go and call the star of Bethlehem a moon and then giggle.

Painting with water colors to find a hidden message that Mommy wrote on with white crayon.

A little open ended art:

Finished product:

Playing with dominoes. This was really hard for him since there are ridges on the floor. Next time I think I will do it on our table.

Knocking them down:

He really liked the noise they made when they fell down. I tried to get him to match the dots but he wasn't interested.

My sister moved last week so I picked my nephew up from preschool on Thursday. We made cookies but the boys mostly just played and then ate the cookies :-)

Sammy "read" the bumble bee book to Bradley on his bed. He actually told a good bit of the story from the pictures in the book.

Some play dough fun:
Sammy had fun when we got out the knife cutting the snake up:

Sammy had fun playing computer games on with Daddy:

This weekend we worked on some name cards for Thanksgiving dinner at our house (on Friday). I needed Tim's help since we were doing handprint turkeys. I didn't get any during pictures but I can tell you it was messy!

I cut them out and put them on another piece of card stock. Sammy glued the eyes on the turkeys. The finished product:

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

We have a super cool pumpkin patch/corn maze not far from our house. We hadn't been able to make it out since it had been raining every Saturday. However, we finally made it out and had a blast!

Sammy played in the HUGE sandbox with all of these fun dump trucks and diggers:

Sammy and Tim had fun swinging looking out over all of the other fun activities.

They have this crazy slide that drops really quickly. Sammy and Tim had fun flying down that thing.. I decided to walk down the hill instead ;-)

This is what Sammy did when he got done with the slide:

He did the little toddler corn maze and got to ring the bell once he got to the middle of it:

One of the obstacle in the toddler corn maze:

Running through the corn tunnel:

Petting/feeding the goats. This might have been one of Sammy's favorite activities:

How about a little "music"

Tim and Sammy riding the bus :-)

The big corn maze. We did the quick inner loop. Sammy didn't really care for it all that much :-P

Sammy loved riding the cow train.. Tim said it was pretty uncomfortable :-P

Riding the carousel:

Then driving the corn deere on the way out of the farm:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tot School

Sammy is 30 months

Sammy had fun doing a lot of the Tot School activities this week. He however was not a big fan of working on our letter crafts. So I have a couple unfinished letter D projects to carry over to this week. Here is the making of his drum:

And dots for D as well.

Sorting colored bottle caps. Excuse my son's clothing ;-)

Then we put some stickers on and colored. This is actually one of Sammy's favorite activities. He makes up stories as he colors.. or atleast thats what I think he is doing.

He learned how to "play" a harmonica. He isn't doing it right here but he later figured out how to play several notes.

A little pumpkin patch fun.. yes it was late in the season however, its rained or suppose to have rained every Saturday that we were free in October. So better late than never. Sammy loves goats and kept getting kisses from them.

He though the cow was neat. He moo'd and the cow got scared and backed away for a while :-P

Petting the horse with Daddy. He thought that was a lot of fun!

He also learned how to pump water. They had rubber ducks you could race down these pipes. All of the water just goes back into the base of this thing to pump it out again.

Finding magnets in the rice. We also hid fake leaves and pipe cleaners:

Blowing on the sand to see what happens. The rice was a messy activity but Sammy really enjoyed digging and playing in the rice. We now have a big ziploc of Sammy's rice to play with again.
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