Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Could I resist?

Not putting this picture on the blog! The quality of the picture isn't the greatest but he looks so sweet and innocent in this picture ;-)

And just because I'm in the mood to reminisce, here is my favorite photo from January 2009.

My favorite from January 2008! Ohh how they grow so fast!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's On Your Nightstand - January

Its been a while since I posted about what I have been reading. I thought I would join in the What's On Your Nightstand carnival over at 5 minutes for books.

I recently just finished The Help and loved it. I had a hard time getting into it at first but I really enjoyed the humorous stories told by the maids. I loved the how the narration changed from the two different maids and the white college graduate.

This next month I hope to finish:
1. The Lost Symbol - I am about half way through this.. It sat on my nightstand when I got my nook for Christmas. I am loving the book I just wanted to read on my new toy :-P
2. The Time Traveler's Wife - I got stuck on this book during my Fall into Reading list.. I hope to finish it up this month!
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - reading this on my Nook - I am only a few pages into this book.. so far I am not loving the book.. but I hope it picks up soon and I can understand whats going on :-)

I hope to also read:
1. The Last Song
2. Three cups of Tea
3. Dear John - on my Nook

What have you guys been reading? Anything you really want to read?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Like Father like Son

Tim loves to mix sound. He has tons of equipment from when he use to record his band and friends bands. In the past few years he hasn't been doing very much of that. So recently he has been cleaning out his equipment and getting ready to sell some of it.

Sammy loves to watch Tim run sound at church. There is a tiny little mixer at church that isn't in use yest. So Tim lets Sammy mix sound with him.

Last week Tim pulled out his mixer to clean it up and make sure everything was function to sell it. Sammy thought it was the greatest toy every!

He also apparently likes his music to be loud. He made sure he had all of the faders (white slides at the bottom of the mixer) pushed all the way up ;-)

I guess I should get my ear plugs ready for his teenage years ;-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sammy is 34 months

This week we worked on letter G. Here we created a grass G:
I did a terrible job getting pictures this week! We also made a G goose, 2 gorillas, and a bunch of grapes.

Theme: Snow
We made a snowflake with some white paint and some painters tape. Sammy really liked this craft!
We also created an arctic scene with some stickers, blue construction paper and blue markers.

Bible Lessons:
We made a crown for God after we learned about God being the king. We also talked about all of the creatures that God created.

Fine Motor Activities:
Sammy played with his peg stacker game:

He also worked on his pattern boards. He loves counting all of the shapes and getting them all out at the same time:
I used up some wrapping paper and make a pom pom chute for Sammy. He had a small bucket at the end that he tried to get the pom poms to slide into. His favorite part was sticking in to many at one time and getting them stuck. Then putting a car down the tube.

He worked on some puzzles we got him for Christmas:
Then he did this huge puzzle my parents got him for Christmas. This puzzle is great because he knows all of the animals on it and he can put a lot of the pieces together with out any help:

The rest of the week we worked on potty training. He has been doing great! Much better than I anticipated! yay!
For more Tot School posts check out 1+1+1=1.

Friday, January 22, 2010

cards, potty, and a happy list

Well I got the shower invites sent out. Yay! Can't wait to celebrate with Clare! I forgot to take a picture but my sister was sweet enough to take one for me:

Day one on the potty = more failures than success. Today is Tim's turn since I am at work.. he has made it twice all on his own.. not to shabby.

My bloggy buddies Heather and Chelle wrote out their Happy Lists. So I thought I would join in the fun. I am going to take the following off my list because they will always be the top three on my list 1. God, 2. Tim, 3. Sammy. So my list is going to be like the New York Times Best selling list where they don't include the Bible because its always number one. I decided to make mine list theme.. since I was making up rules anyway ;-)

So the 10 things that make me happy in the winter:
1. snow and snow days
2. The smell of homemade bread
3. hot chocolate with micro marshmallows
4. Super bowl the game and the commercials
5. Sweat pants are acceptable to wear all day at home ;-)
6. Chili or any other stew/soup
7. snuggies - don't laugh.. i love mine :-)
8. hot coffee with creamer
9. playing board games
10. fuzzy socks

What makes you happy in the winter?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walking around with resolve

Both types of resolve! 1.) I have the resolve to give potty training a few days attempt and see how we do. 2.) And the resolve to clean up the accidents that are bound to happen. So if your wondering where I am. We are here.. watching movies and drinking lots of drinks helping to get more attempts to make it to the potty :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So I have been noticing more people following the blog! So I think some introductions are in order. I love knowing who everyone is and reading your blogs too. So introduce yourself in the comments please :-)

If you want some questions to answer here you go:
1. Name (or blogging name)
2. Your favorite color
3. Your favorite drink
4. Something you ate yesterday.. you can pick :-)

I will answer these too.. I wouldn't want to make you guys do something I haven't done:
1. Lindsay (but you knew that already) my nickname in softball was Mini Me
2. Blue.. specifically Navy blue
3. Mountain Dew is my overall favorite... but I try and not drink it all the time. My current favorite is coffee :-)
4. Peanut butter and Jelly.. I like to live on the edge ;-)

Ohh and if I already know you feel free to introduce yourself again. Also if you make me laugh there might just be a little surprise (little being the key word) for you.. hows that for incentive to introduce yourself??

Monday, January 18, 2010

What I did do

So this morning I was feeling like wow I didn't get a lot of things done that I wanted to get done last week and this weekend. I was kinda struggling with the fact that I didn't finish up some big things on my to do list. But then it hit me to focus on the things I did get done. Now I know that doesn't sound like that much of a light bulb moment, but for me this morning it was. So with out further ado.. what I did do:

-Have an awesome hang out time with friends for a play date
-learned how to play 3 new games
-had a game night with our great friends
-spend a day with Tim's family
-have a birthday dinner for my Dad (his birthday was on Wednesday)
-go to an observatory with my family
-have dessert at the melting pot!! Delicious Thanks Clare :-)
-hear a explosion of language out of Sammy
-listen to Sammy tell me the following story on the way to work this morning:
I see a bear, *roar* and a lion ROAR and an elephant (not sure how to write an elephant noise but he totally did one of those). *Sniff sniff* I smell cookies! Bear hungry. Bear eat cookie too. Grandma has cookies (we were on our way to Grandma's house). *sniff sniff* I smell poopy. Me, "Your poopy?". Sammy, "No I smell puppy!"

Sounds like an awesome second half of the week. It might not have been what was on the to do list but I have some great memories from it all :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Everyone loves random.. right?

So life has been busy.. like super busy! But that's good.. I just haven't been able to form complete ideas let alone posts. So without further ado I leave you with whats going on in my head:

-I have almost finished the invitations for my sister's baby shower. They are super cute if I do say so myself! Once I have sent them out I will show you a picture :-)
-I have almost finished Deuteronomy in my 90 day bible reading!!! I have never made it this far when I have tried to read the bible cover to cover.
-Wednesday was my Dad's birthday! Yay! No I didn't forget I called him and wished him a happy birthday! We are going to meet them and my sister's family for dinner tonight :-)
-I am pretty sure Sammy is getting passed (if not already) his crazy shy phase. I was over at a friends house yesterday and her mechanic brought her car back. Erin opened the door to let him in so she could pay the bill. Sammy grabbed his hand and tried to take him to the basement where all of the toys are. It was hilarious!!
-My heart hurts for the people of Haiti.
-I have a lot of posts to read.. don't worry I will get caught up!! :-)
-My email is backed up..
-sometimes I feel like I am juggling to many things. I will be doing really well and all of a sudden I realize I totally dropped something and I am way behind. Does this make sense to anyone?
-Sammy is obsessed with Cars. We got rid of our cable last week (I will wait for you to pick your jaw up.. you okay now?). We get all of the major channels over the air (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX). So we were basically paying $30 a month for PBS. So we nixed it.. every time Sammy is allowed to watch TV he wants to watch Cars.. I think I know every line and noise in that whole movie!
-Maybe we will be doing a Cars themed birthday.. hmmm

What random things are going through your head?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When does it become easier?

So this morning the alarm went off. It is a gym day. I don't have a lot of time to lallygag before I need to leave for the gym. My frist thought this morning was man I wish I was going to work today instead of the gym. How pathetic is that? I knew I didn't have any excuse for not going.. So I dragged myself out of bed. Drove to the gym. I was about half way through my workout before I was glad that I was there.

So my question.. does it ever get easier? Do I ever wake up and thing yay the gym? I love going to the gym.. At what point do I stop thinking of excuses for not going?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Olympics in a month!!

Anyone else love the Olympics? Anyone? I can't wait to them to start! Opening ceremonies are in a month and I can't wait to watch some of my favorite events. The winter Olympics are very action packed full of speed, snow, and beauty. Some of my favorite events speed skating, figure skating, and the luge.

I am sure Sammy is going to love watching them as well! Anyone one else an olympic junkie?

Monday, January 11, 2010

All Aboard

Sammy is loving his train set more and more each day! He has always loved to see trains around town and watch Thomas every now and then. But ever since Christmas when he got to play with my Dad's train he has been obsessed.

My parents got him the duplo train set for Christmas. With it they got him a little conductor outfit. He hadn't really wanted to wear it. Until I showed him a picture of a train conductor and it clicked.

I love this picture... he is wearing his Yukon hat my parents got him when they were in Alaska:

So the outfit is a little big.. but he will grow into it! It kinda looks like a dress from behind.. but the front is super cute!

I am not sure what he was doing here.. but I sure got a picture of it ;-)

Showing me the front of his shirt. he just got to close to fast :-P

Welcome to his room btw :-)

Since two sides of the train table are up against the wall you will sometimes find him playing like this..
In that picture is is playing with the stop sign. He says, "red light, go green!" The go green cracks me up every time!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tot School - Jan 10th - Letter F

Tot School
Sammy is 32 months

This week we did some F crafts. Sammy watched the letter factory DVD 2 weeks ago for the first time in a while. Here is making the F sound and flying the F just like the movie:

We created a feather F. Sammy loved putting the feathers on. In retrospect I should have cut the F out after letting him glue the feathers on. I had to adjust a few feathers while it was drying to keep it looking like an F.

Finished product:

Now use your imagination a little for this one.. We created a Flower F. If you turn it sideways the flowers are growing out of the ground. For this one I painted Sammy's arm and the side of his hand to make tulips. I also let Sammy put the letters on himself. I just told him the order. Since he didn't have a guide for the letters they are not all the right direction but he loved having control over putting them on himself.
I didn't get a chance to get a post up for this. However, this week we did a stART project. We read the book rainbow fish. Then we created our own rainbow fish. I loved this craft. Sammy got to rip up the different color paper and tin foil. I drew a fish and Sammy glued on the paper. He kept looking at the rainbow fish in the book and tried to create his just like it:

I drew an F on a paper when Sammy was doing his other dot art. He had fun decorating the page. He did also draw the F with the stamper. If you look closely you can see the lines he drew:Coincidentally at church today they created flowers:

Our number this week was 2. I created a "book" for Sammy with groups of 2. He loved counting all of the different animals and telling me how many there were of each.

We painted with water color and worked on this 2 worksheet
We played a few color games this week. Sammy loved playing candy land and mostly got the concept of the game. His little plastic bugs watched us play this game:

We also played this uno game. Sammy got the color matching concept but not the animals so much. I am sure in the next few months he will really learn how to play it better.

Theme: Snow

Sammy did this snowman matching activity from 1+1+1=1.

We made colored ice cubes to learn about color mixing. I got the idea for this here.

I am not sure Sammy really understood this. Since it took a while for the ice cubes to melt he had already forgotten that we had put two different ice cubes in there. It was also a pretty messy activity.

Sammy did this Polar Bear dot paint activity. I had never done these dot painter activities before but Sammy loved this. So later in the week I printed out some others for him to work on.
Sammy also made a marshmallow snowman. I drew the snowman with glue. He then put the marshmallows on. However, it went more like this, put one on, eat two, put one on, eat two, etc.

I cut out some snowflakes and Sammy decorated them with glitter glue:

We also made a melted snowman. However, Sammy didn't use a lot of glue and the snowman didn't peel off of the wax paper very well. Then his arms and hat fell off :-P

Bible Lessons:

We are reading the One Year Book of Devotions for Preschoolers during our Tot School time. We wont be doing each day of the year since we only do Tot School a few days a week. Some of the devotions lend themselves to an activity. If they do I try and plan a little something around what we read.

This week we read about the special place God has prepared for us in heaven. So we created a special place for Sammy to play in our house:

Sammy of course had to get his computer to bring into his special place. This was the toy of the week. He has learned how to navigate it pretty well and can do a lot of the activities.

We also read about how God's angels are everywhere. So we created an angel. Sammy pretty much decorated this on his own. I drew on the nose and mouth. He told me that the angel didn't have any hair. He also wanted the angel to be really sparkly (as you can see):
Next we learned about how God wants us to take care of the animals on the earth. He got to help feed the dog this week. He is already pretty much in charge of letting her out and back in (he loves opening and closing the door for her).
Not pictured was the lesson on how God helps us learn and how God will listen even if there is no one else around to talk to.

Fine Motor Activities:

Coloring.. He has been working on this fuzzy car page for a while but loves coloring it :-P

Pom Pom Transfer:

Sammy had a breakthrough with the scissors this week! Maybe because I stopped putting them in his right hand :-P

Sammy got this awesome puzzle set from my parents for Christmas. He has had a blast putting it together almost everyday since!

Sammy loves to play with playdough. He doesn't shape it a whole lot yet. He however loves to cut out shapes:

and make "worms" as he calls it:

Gross Motor Activities:
Jumping over a streamer. Sammy has been jumping for over a year now so this wasn't much of a challenge. He did however, have a lot of fun doing it. I eventually made a smaller piece and have him try and jump longer. This was more challenging for him.

Then Sammy used the ribbons to dance and run around the room:

I found a punch balloon in the craft cabinet. So we showed him how to do that. This was a lot of fun and a great way to use up some energy. It has been really cold here so we have been stuck inside all day.

Our theme this week was snow. I saw on the Frugal Family Fun Blog this ice skating activity and new we had to give it a try. Sammy's favorite part was holding onto the sofa and running as fast as he could.
Some other gross motor activities that we did this week that I didn't get a picture of were:
-Red Light Green Light.. Sammy is very into playing this game.
-ring toss- Sammy got this for Christmas and had a lot of fun playing it. I will try and get a picture next time
-We attempted to play four corners - where you call out a corner and run to it. This wasn't a big hit this week. I will try it again later.

Life School Activities:
Sammy went to a birthday party on Saturday. He had so much fun being around his buddies from church. He is really starting to open up and be less shy and that is really fun to watch!
He made buddies with a few of the other adults and dragged them back to the playroom to show them things. Eventually he learned to bring them out and show them.

Sammy also had fun jamming with Daddy this week:
Books we read this week:
Rainbow Fish
Snowy Day
Clifford's First Snow Day
Clifford's counting book