Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week

Has been a tough week! My sister got some bad news from the doctor. You can read about it here. I can't dwell on it to long because it makes me sad, scared, and anxious for my sister. She will not have any results back until Monday most likely so please be saying some prayers for my sweet little niece Ellie, my sister Clare, and her family.

On a less tough scale I took Sammy for his 3 year check up. First let me say Sammy is ALWAYS an angel at the pediatrician's office. Always is really happy and cooperative. On Tuesday he was not the same child. Everything was a fight and there were lots of tears. We apparently should have read a book about going to the doctor but he has never done this so I didn't figure he would react this way. At least it is over and we have no need to go back for a year! whew! Some things we heard at the peds office that you wouldn't want to hear for a 3 year check up:
-he's going to need braces
-you should start flossing his teeth because they are so snug on the bottom
-he will probably act like this at the dentist
-The man that coined the phrase "terrible twos" didn't have a 3 year old yet!

I am not usually one to be negative on the blog. I don't like to dwell on the negative and I generally try and move on.. so don't worry I am not changing my ways.. but I wanted to explain my lack of presence!

I will hopefully will have some birthday party pictures soon and get back to some fun learning and exciting posts soon :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

On your 3rd Birthday

Dear Sammy,

I wanted to write down some of your likes, dislikes, sayings, little stories about you on your 3rd Birthday. I am a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short ;-).

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little boy you are turning into. You are funny, silly, loud, crazy, energetic, tender-hearted, sweet and more. You also like to keep us on our toes with your constant energy, your need to investigate everything, climb everything, push the limits, and generally be a boy. At times, you can also be a little bit Irish as we like to call it (sorry this comes from me), be shy, be quite, be still (this is pretty rare we usually check your temperature), be scared, and sometimes downright stubborn.

But no matter your behavior we loved you to the core. We pray that you will accept Jesus as your Savior and that you will live your life in a way that brings glory to God. We pray for the strength, wisdom, and patience to raise you into the man God wants you to be. Thanks for making our life better by you being in it.

Now we’ll move onto some less serious stuff, because I know that, later, this is what you will find interesting. Mostly because you like the silly things and you will already know most of the reasons we love you and discipline you. :-)

-Fruit - to the extreme that Mommy and Daddy have to limit the amount you eat in one day
-Pizza - You currently scream pizza every time we pull into a strip mall hoping that its where the pizza buffet is located.
-Hot dogs - You love them as long as they’re microwaved. If we make them tasty on the grill you eat the inside and leave the skin with the grill marks
-getting out of bed and turning on your light
-getting out of your bed and climbing onto your dresser
-getting tickled until you hiccup
-playing outside
-ice cream
-going fast
-climbing trees
-playing with water
-Throwing rocks into water - especially if you can splash your Aunt Nicia
-Spicy food - especially potato chips
-watching sports
-pointing out planes, boats, fire trucks, trains, and train tracks
-making animal noises

-coming inside
-any kind of ice cream except plain vanilla
-getting your hair washed (even though you love water)
-your food mixed together (like casseroles)
-trying new foods - but you usually like them once you try them
-sitting still while watching sports
-taco-chili soup (see story below)
-beef- your not a huge fan unless its seasoned and spicy :-P

-Close your eyes - you then like to "scare" us by growling
-Close your eyes again - see above
-helitractor - helicopter
-tiss - kiss
-norange - orange
-fofie - movie
-cachow - Lightning McQueen saying
-Watch me Mommy! - You love this expression currently
-Watch me! Fast! - then you do whatever it is really fast
-oval - football :-P
-play game please - you're into games - your favorite is memory
-do letters on puter - letter activities
-cue cues - blue's clues you do this with hand motions

-Whenever we ask you if you’re tired you say, "No, I happy."
-You are sometimes scared of bears at night. One night Daddy and I were desperate to get you back to sleep. I looked at you and said, "Bears can't open doors." You asked why and I told you that bears didn't have thumbs. So now you will state randomly that, "bears can't open doors!" It’s like your way of reassuring yourself.
-You love pointing out the color of cars while driving down the road. Or any animals we see while driving or any letters you can spot.
-The night before your birthday parties Mommy made a yummy soup called Taco-Chili Soup. You hated it. Daddy came to help me with something and you threw the soup handful by handful all over the carpet. We were not amused.
-You still really like to roar like a lion. You now say baby lion and roar quietly. Then daddy lion and roar loudly.

There are so many things I could write in each category. These, however, are the ones that most describe you at this current moment. A little snapshot in time of my "big" (however still pretty little compared to others kids your age) boy!

Love you forever and always,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sammy Speaks

I have collecting some funny things Sammy has said and some silly pronunciations. I figured I would write them down before I forget them.

The other day in the car Sammy was being disagreeable (for no reason) . We told him he needed to tell Daddy yes when he tells him something. He then shouted, "Yes Sir!" We cracked up we asked him what he tells Mommy. He said, "Yes Sir Mommy!"

When Sammy needs to poop he announces that he needs to, "PUSH!"

Every meal is called, "bredfes" (breakfast)

We had a yardsale this past weekend. We sold a few of Sammy's toys that he wasn't playing with or were annoying. For the most part Sammy was inside during the yardsale. However, he was outside when someone bought a few of his toys. He promptly said, "Hey thats mine!" I him that it was now hers and he got over it pretty quickly.

When you ask Sammy if he wants to read a book. He replies, "Money George." Meaning he would like to read a Curious George book.

Some words he says that crack me up:
norange (orange)
mof fee (movie)
time tout (time out)
helichopter (helicopter)
Daddylions (dandelions)

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Dyed Eggs

So I realized I never posted about our egg dying! We dyed them the day before Easter. It was after a full day of egg hunting and a big meal with Tim's family. Sammy and I were a little silly and we had a lot of fun dying eggs :-)

Since the pictures are pretty self explanatory here you go:

So it was a little bit silly and a lot a bit fun! So better late than never. There was our Easter Egg dying :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tot School - M Week

Tot School
Sammy is 33 months

So we have been taking a break from Tot school. Mostly because I haven't been planning anything and life has been crazy busy! But I am back and determined to get a few fun things in this week. This week I focused on the letter M. I use the letters for my planning since Sammy knows them all and their sounds really well.

We made an M for Monkey (sorry the picture is a little blurry):

We did some paint with water pages:

We did this super fun craft craft from Frugal Family Fun Blog! I helped Sammy with the stems some:

We read a lot of Sammy's High Five magazines this week. There was a fun activity in one to make berry popsicles. We didn't have any strawberries but we had some super ripe bananas so we made those. Sammy loved eating them outside after dinner. He helped cut up the bananas and put them in the blender:
We played countless games of Memory and hide and seek this week! We also read a lot of Curious George books.

For more Tot School posts check out 1+1+1=1.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Pop PoP and Gigi

For Pop Pop a big sticky hug just for you:

For Gigi a sticky smiley kiss

This is what Sammy looked like after he "ate" his first push pop ice cream. It was sticky and messy but he LOVED it. For those of you that don't know my Dad.. to say he is a little OCD about cleanliness is to put it mildly. He actually might have passed out looking at those pictures ;-).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bloggy Meet-Up

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting Kellie from La Vida Dulce. She blogged about our meet up today too! My friend and bloggy buddy Jolanthe from No Ordinary Moments and Homeschool Creations and I packed up the kids and drove to the next city to meet up with Kellie while she was in town visiting. We had a blast chatting, eating (five guys) and chasing the kids around the park :-P

I have been reading Kellie's blog for a long time and it was so nice to meet her in real life. She is so sweet and genuine just like she is on her blog!!

Here we all are:

Jolanthe, me, Kellie (This is Kellie's photo :-) thanks)

Kellie has some super cute pictures of the kids over on her blog. We had 7 kids and 3 moms and it was surprisingly easy to keep up with the kids and carry on a conversation!

However, I want to share a little background to this photo. First I am short and Kellie and Jolanthe are tall. So I stood on a hill a little bit :-). Secondly we look so put together and like we have the kids under control. Now for the uncropped picture Kellie's daughter took for me:

Hehe had to share that one! That's Sammy on the left and Jolathe's daughter McKenna on the right. Thanks for the great day ladies! We had a blast :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday I turned

27 and that pretty much just sounds old to me! However, I know its not really so I wont be all down and depressing on you :-). So without further ado here is 27 things on my mind/about me/randomness:
1. I had a really great birthday weekend and saw almost all of my family!
2. Tim's sisters made me an awesome dinner yesterday
3. I eat corn on the cob like a typewriter (part of my awesome dinner)
4. I eat my least favorite item first of my plate and then gradually eat the next best thing saving the best for last. (I'm weird.. I know.. and apparently hungry)
5. I saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend.. I wasn't a huge fan
6. I got some great yard sales finds with my Mom this weekend! However, a lot of it was for this fall. Tim's sister called and said she had a bag of free clothes from their neighbors yardsale for this summer! Crazy how that always seems to work out!
7. I purged my keep sakes again this weekend and got it down to one Rubbermaid box!
8. Tim's birthday card to me was HILARIOUS!!!
9. I got to see one of my best buddies on Thursday night/Friday morning and it was awesome to see how the conversation is so easy even after not seeing her in almost a year!
10. I now like ice tea... I use to think it was disgusting!
11. Sammy spent the night at his Aunts on Saturday. Sunday morning I felt so rested!!
12. I made Sammy's birthday party invitations. I was going to print and mail them.. but I think I'm going to go electronic this year!
13. I like the color pink more and more.. I use to hate it.
14. I had a great time meeting my bloggy buddy Kellie last Tuesday. I will have to get the picture her daughter took up soon!
15. There was a riot at my alma mater this weekend.. kinda disappointed in my school.
16. I like keeping my inbox empty... if there are emails in there it kinda makes me panic a little
17. I had some yummy salmon burgers at my parents on Saturday
18. I got a huge variety of presents this year and they were all so personal and thoughtful I loved them all!
19. I have a large mountain of laundry to work on. It seems to keep growing!
20. I am excited for our yard sale this weekend however I have a TON of stuff to do to get ready. It's a good thing my friend Katie is watching Sammy on Wednesday morning for me!
21. I was thinking about doing a post about a section of my house each week.. does that sound interesting at all?
22. After I put my sneakers on I have to pull the tongue up. Even if it isn't scrunched in the shoe it feels like it is.
23. I got some really pretty flowers to plant for my birthday. I will have to get them planted soon!
24. The first thing I do in the morning is always the same. I must go straight to the bathroom!
25. I want to make it a birthday tradition to eat donuts for breakfast. Can you start a tradition after 27 years?
26. I must lock the doors in the car as soon as I get in.
27. If you made it this far good for you! Now tell me what I should have written in number 27!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Day

We had a great Easter day however I didn't get very many pictures after the egg hunt and basket.

Sammy coming out of his room and finding the eggs that led to his basket:

Down the hall to the family room:

Checking out his goodies in his Easter basket. He loved this flap curious George book I got him at the book fair:

After breakfast and getting dressed we were off to hunt eggs outside:

Then we were off to church and to my parents for a big Easter dinner. The Easter bunny visited my parents house and got him some candy and some rain boots! Here Sammy is in his Easter outfit, rain boots, and binoculars. I didn't take a single picture at my parents so they sent me this one:
What a wonderful weekend we had! We even got to stop at my sister's house on the way home and visit with baby Ellie! This weekend will be another busy one with dates with my husband, a huge yard sale and my birthday :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Animals

Tim's parents church put on a huge production about Jesus' crucifiction and resurrection. This year the production was in Spanish so we didn't go t see it. However, we did go visit the animals they use in the market place and the donkey that Jesus rides into the sanctuary.

Sammy and Tim petting the donkey:

Pointing at the camel:

Here is the camel. We didn't pet her because we didn't know if she was nice or not. We found out letter she was really sweet.

Sammy waving at the chickens that are on the market place street:

We watched the chickens eat and drink. Sammy was pretty fascinated with them!

The sheep were by far Sammy's favorite! We got to pet one of them. Sammy really wanted to pet the lamb but mama sheep was very protective :-P

Petting the sheep:
We had a lot of fun petting and watching the different animals! Tomorrow I will get up the pictures from Easter Sunday :-P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Activties

A local church put on a big Easter egg hunt, craft, puppet show, and lunch at our community center. Tim had a meeting at our church so Sammy and I went and enjoyed all of the festivities. We had blast doing all of the different activities.

Here Sammy is after collecting a few eggs. They had the kids collect a certain number of eggs and then stop so they could count and see how many they had left. Sammy had a lot of fun counting the eggs as he collected them:

Smiling.. but not looking at the camera. There was so much going on there Sammy had a hard time focusing on one thing :-P

This is my attempt of getting a picture of him and his basket. See he is showing me his basket :-P

This was right before the puppet show. They asked all of the kids to go sit down and wait. Sammy went right over and sat down! I was so proud.. I took a picture :-P

During the puppet show. Sammy had a blast watching this:

Sammy petting the chicks before the craft time:

Sammy wasn't to into the craft. I think because it was so crowded in there. He did however love it when it was all finished!
After this we got a hot dog and headed home. Tim's family came over for a little Easter gathering and a cook out. I however, didn't take a single picture the whole time everyone was over.

Later that day Nicia came over and we had dinner, played a game and hung out before the Easter bunny came to the house :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sammy and his baby cousin Ellie

Last week we got to spend the afternoon with my sister and her kids. Sammy loved seeing baby Ellie and playing with Bradley.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our visit! Taking in Ellie:

So excited to be holding his baby cousin :-):

Giving Ellie a kiss on the head:

Sorry this one is blurry but I had to post it. Ellie was stretching and Sammy thought she wanted a high five so he gave her a gentle one:

One of Clare's friends stopped by with her kids. We got them all on the couch. Not bad for 5 kids under 4!

The cousins