Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tot School - Random

Tot School
Sammy is 37 months

There was no theme this week and a few activities are from a while ago that didn't make it into any other tot school posts. So this is kinda a mishmash of ideas.

We made treats for the dog. I had these dog themed cookie cutters from Sammy's 2nd birthday party:

We painted the deck. You can read about it here.

Sammy got in some physical activity. He is getting really close to being able to flip over:

We used our magnifying glass to look for bugs in the back yard:

Sammy's way of swinging by himself:

We had a little accident with some bird eggs at our house. A bird built a nest on the propane tank of our grill. Sammy ran out to play ahead of us and found the eggs. Not knowing he shouldn't he picked them up. He brought them to show us. Then he dropped it on the deck :( So we now have an empty nest. Sammy felt really bad about breaking the eggs. So he put some rocks in the nest (this is several days after he dropped the eggs and the bird hadn't returned to the nest):

He then covered the rocks up with grass clippings :-P:

My friend Katie came over and brought a super fun activity with her. We read the book called Snowballs and Leave man. We then created some pictures from different materials:

Sammy posing with Ribbit the Frog:

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Review - Have a Little Faith

This book is a true story about Mitch (the author) who is asked to deliver the eulogy for his hometown rabbi. In order to do this Mitch wants to get to know the rabbi on a personal level. All of this puts match back into his hometown synagogue that the "Rab" built the congregation up from when he came there right out of training. This whole process takes several years before he delivers the eulogy. All the while Mitch gets to know a pastor in Detroit.

1. Rating 1-10 (with 10 being the best):
I would rate this book at a 6. It was a pretty good story. However, I didn't find myself loving it as much as some of his other books.
2. General thoughts:
This is a true story so I enjoyed getting to know the "characters" a lot since they were actual people. However, at times the story dragged on a little.
3. Favorite part of the book:
The little stories about the "Rab's" life. He seemed to really love life and everyone in it :-)
4. Least Favorite part:
The parts that dragged on. I wanted to speed up parts of the book because they were a little slow and I felt like they didn't add a whole lot to the book.
5. Would I recommend this book to others:
Yes, I think others would probably like this book more than I did. Mitch Albom does a wonderful job telling this story.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sewing projects

I showed you guys my first sewing project in April. I have made a few more things since then and I wanted to share them :-)

For Sammy's birthday I made 2 pillow cases. Here is one:
The other one is the opposite with a big blue section and a white stripe on the opening. I followed this pattern.

Next up was some place mats for my mom for Mother's Day. I made 4 of these 2 of each pattern:

The backs of the place mats match the outside stripe:
I used this pattern but modified it to put the strip in to spice things up a little bit.

Next I made this apron for one of Sammy's friends for her birthday:
I just flew by the seat of my pants for this one. I will certainly be making some changes to this if I make another one. I put the ties on to low for the body and didn't make the top quite narrow enough. However, I think I made it big enough so it will last her for a long time :-)

I have a few other projects planned out in my head. I am certainly loving my new little hobby and I love that I can make personalized gifts for friends and family :-). So if you fit into one of those two categories and have a birthday coming up start dropping hints on what you would like :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Day Activity

The other day after we went Strawberry picking it was HOT. Sammy and I were looking for something fun to do when I decided we could paint the deck. Now before you think I am crazy my son loves to paint and I knew just the thing to paint with.. Water!! I knew the water would show up on the deck (you could also do this on a sidewalk) and the sun would dry it fast so we wouldn't run out of "canvas."

Our supplies:
-paint brushes
Since we both had on the clothes we went strawberry picking in I didn't care if they got wet. Off we went to paint the deck:

Sammy painted the deck for a good 20 minutes! This is a rare attention span for him! When he started losing interest I showed him how to fling the water off the end of the paintbrush onto the deck.

One thing lead to another and Sammy's clothes ended up here:

Sammy ended up here:

We had a blast with activity and will certainly be repeating it!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

We went strawberry picking before Mother's Day.. I just forgot to blog about it until I read my sister Clare's post about Strawberry picking :-)

The strawberry patch is about a mile from our house so we went the day of Tim's final exam. His exam was pretty early in the morning so he wasn't going into the office until after the exam. So this worked perfectly for going picking :-)

Sammy liked finding, picking and eating the strawberries. Finding:



Smiling for Mommy :-)
Sammy's favorite part.. riding the green tractor:
Tim and I picked 2 big boxes of strawberries and have proceeded to eat all but a bag that we froze and a few leftover in the box. What did we do with all of strawberries you ask?

-Strawberry shortcake
-Strawberry pie
-cut strawberries by themselves
-strawberry glaze for pancakes

I wish I had learned how to make strawberry freezer jam. I might just have to find a recipe and go picking when its time to pick at the end of the season when the strawberries are cheap!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day

Ahem.. let's not talk about how long ago it was... okay.. We will pretend it was yesterday ;-)

On Mother's Day Tim and Sammy made me an awesome breakfast in bed. I got to open some great gifts, K-cups and kitchen gadgets. What perfect gifts!! I am not sure how Sammy knew just what coffee to get me but somehow he did ;-) After presents and getting dressed we were off to the lake for a lunch with my Mom :-)

Sammy had fun playing with my Dad's train set he set up around Christmas time!

He mostly likes to blow the whistle and watch the train go around:

After lunch we were off on a nice long boat ride. Tim and Sammy settling in for the ride:

Sammy was all decked out with his hat, sun glasses, puffy vest and binoculars:

Someone else on the lake has an awesome train set. He has some of the local "cities" and a few other neat attractions. Unfortunately the day before we had crazy wind. His train almost fell in the lake! Sammy checking out the train:

Then it was time to drive the boat! This is the first time Sammy has driven from last summer but he remembered how to make the boat go fast! My Dad was cracking up:

This year he even got to steer a little:

Sammy loving being the captain:

We had to stop at the marina and fill the boat up for the first time this season. I loved all of the different colored canoes on the shore:

While we were filling up we saw this little guy swimming along:
We went down one of the coves and saw these little guys:

Sammy rode with GiGi (my mom) for a while! I simply love this picture of the two of them:

We used towels to stay warm. The sun was warm but with the boat moving it was pretty chilly. We did however, see a few people tubing!!! brrr

I guess Sammy remember this tradition too. We had to touch a bowie:
My mother got me a beautiful bracelet for mother's day! Love it! I made her present and I will share that later this week with some of my other sewing projects :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tot School - Nature

Tot School
Sammy is 36 months

I haven't participated in Tot School in a few weeks but we have been doing stuff at home. I just haven't been taking pictures much.. These are mostly pictures from our camping trip last weekend and all of the things we saw and talked about. But first a few activites I did get on "film".

We played the Cootie game. Sammy had more fun playing with the bugs after we had finished the game:

I totally though this activity would be super easy for him. I was wrong! He had a hard time getting the glass beads to stay on the thin Popsicle stick. Later in the week he got better at this and we worked on a simple ABAB pattern. This was the first time he got a pattern.
Activities I didn't get a picture of:
-putting pom poms int a small hole in the top of a pringles can
-making a picture with pre cut out shapes. He had to listen to directions and match shapes
-LOTS of stories

No onto some nature we got to see first hand during our camping trip with some friends.

Crawfish: We caught some crawfish and kept them around our camp for most of our time there. We set them free before we left but this allowed all of the kids to really get to watch and experience them up close. Here is our friends son getting brave and picking up the big crawfish:

Sammy checking out the last 3. On the last day we let most of them go in the early morning. We kept 3 of them until right before we left.
The biggest, the littlest and one in the middle.

When they caught the big crawfish they tried to put him into the cup to keep him for a while. He however, had different plans:

The up close and person picture:

We got to see this beautiful rhododron bush. My friend Karla took these great pictures of the different flowers on the bush:

She was able to get some of the different phases of the buds:

Full bloom:
We got to stop and smell lots of flowers. This is our friends' girl smelling some flowers:

Flowers and a little bug:

Okay.. not going to lie this picture gives me the willies a little bit:

This is some weird bug we caught out of the lake. It had a hard outside shell. It apparently could live on dry land as well.

We got to see several beautiful monarch butterflies out on the beach of the lake:
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