Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sammy Speaks

Sammy has been saying some pretty hilarious things lately and I wanted to write them down! 

Last week I was helping Sammy after he went potty.  I picked up his shorts and underwear to help him get dressed.  I stuck his shorts between my knees to help him with his underwear.  He said, "You are hiding those (pointing to the shorts) in your hiney!!"

We were out visiting Tim's parents after church on Sunday.  Tim's youngest brother Greg(21) was home and had the door open to the room (this isn't typical).  Sammy looked in at the room and had the expression on his face like "what happened in here.. ohhh no!"  Tim said, "Yeah Uncle Greg's room is a mess."  Sammy said, "Be right back."  He then ran back upstairs to find Uncle Greg.  Sammy just had to tell Uncle Greg something happened to his room!  It was super cute that he wanted to tell him something happened.  Sammy said, "Uncle Greg Uncle Greg its a mess!!"  He then proceed to grab his Grandma's hand and take her to see the mess!  Everyone cracked up since Uncle Greg's room always looks like that!

Also while visiting Tim's parents Sammy asked me if he could watch TV.  Tim and I were about to leave so I said, "It's fine with me go ask Grandma."  He went and asked his Grandma if he could watch TV.  She out of reflex repeated the question back to him and said, "hmm watch TV?"  Sammy said, " Yeah sure okay" and went and turned the TV on.  We all erupted in laughter.

Sammy was hungry the other day when he was leaving a store.  I asked him what he wanted to eat.  He replied, "bacon."  We haven't had bacon in forever I am not sure where he busted that out from!

Some other words that Sammy says that are cute:

hippo-bottom-us – hippopotamus

cc – tv

norange – orange (still)

fesh – fish

pops – popsicle

I hiding you count first – I am hiding you count and then find me

beakfest – breakfast

I am going to try and do a better job of writing down these little stories!  They bring such smiles to my face :-)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Muddling

So I haven't written an actual post in a while.. sorry.. I think I lost my bloggy mojo!  So for the sake of actually writing something and not just dumping some pictures up on the blog I give you the random things in my head:

  1. I like silly bands – for myself.. I'm channeling my inner child
  2. I finished my first adult apron on Saturday – pictures to come :-)
  3. I have been stashing away fun little trinkets for Sammy.  I am going to wrap them up and let him open them on our trip to the beach.
  4. I have also made a list of little fun games to make for him to play with on the way.
  5. We are not going until September.. can you tell I'm excited?
  6. Tim and I went on a date last night and had a great time.. its been a while since we had been out just the two of us!
  7. We got a prank phone call at 3:45 this morning.. I didn't fall back asleep until sometime after 4:30.  Sammy spent the night at grandma's house so when the phone rang my heart started beating a billion miles a minute thus making it impossible to fall back asleep!
  8. Sammy has been saying some pretty hilarious things lately and I need to start writing them down!
  9. My next sewing project is a table runner for my best buddy Katie!
  10. I hope to have something coherent to write in the near future :-P


Monday, July 19, 2010

I finished!!

What did I finish you ask?  I finished my spring reading list!  Yes I know its almost the end of July.. I know spring is over and its now summer.  However, in this post I set the goal of finishing up the last three books on my list!  I was excited to actually finish my goal.. even if it was a little late.  The Lucky One – might be my last Sparks books, they all seem to have a very similar ending, Barefoot – I really liked this book and read it quickly! and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- it took me a while to get into this book but once I did I really enjoyed it.  Also not on my list but that I read this last month was The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella.

Next couple of books on my reading agenda:

-Inkheart – don't laugh.. I started this last night and it has been a long time since I have gotten into a book this much in a while (since I read the Twilight series)

-The Girl Who Played with Fire – 2nd book after The girl with the dragon tattoo

Garden Spells -  My bloggy buddy Terra recommended this on her book blog and I finally got it on paperbackswap and can't wait to give it a shot!

What have you been reading?  Any new authors or new series you have been reading?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sprinkler Fun!

Before Tim and I had a chance to clean out the pool we needed to have a little water fun.  We drug out our sprinkler.  This was the first time Sammy has ever played in the sprinkler.  He had a blast to say the least!

Checking out how the sprinkler worked:


This was his favorite part, he loved covering up the holes and making the water spray in all different directions:


But he did get  brave and run through the sprinkler:


Even Daddy got in on the action a little bit, the water was freezing coming out so we didn't play long: 


Sammy got a little "batting practice" in :-)


Meanwhile, Tipsy waited patiently by the bubble maker:

DSCN3637Then attacked the bubbles that came out of it!! 



Monday, July 12, 2010

Reatha's Birthday

A few weeks ago all of Tim's local family got together to celebrate Reatha's birthday.  We had a great dinner that Rachel fixed.  Then Sammy had fun getting bounced around on her lap before present time:

DSCN3620 DSCN3621


Rachel and Nicia hanging out on the couch:


Reatha got some great presents:


Nicia's was wrapped in a towel (see the above picture) :-P.  I am making Reatha an apron for her present.  I let her pick from a few different things and she wants an apron :-)  I am sure I will post a picture when it's all finished up!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Making the best out of the Worst

A few weeks ago my Mom's best friend past away very suddenly.  I knew Lenore my whole life and her daughters were a huge part in my sister and I's lives.  We made the trip up to northern Virginia for her viewing. 

Since the viewing wasn't  until the afternoon we decided to make a day out the visit and go see Tim's brother and his family.  We didn't get a picture of us with all of them.  We did however have a little photo session with their daughter Kylee.  Dave and Lisa had a wedding to go to that evening.  So after Dave left to go hang out with the groom and other groomsmen.  Lisa needed to get ready so we hung out with Kylee for a few minutes.

Our cutie little niece:


Kylee and I smiling at the camera :-)DSCN3588    

Tim and Kylee.. I love the giggle fit Kylee is in this picture :)

DSCN3594 After hanging out Tim and I got to lunch and the bookstore before changing and going to the viewing.  Sammy got to spend the day at his Grandma's church and then house.  Thanks so much to Tim's mom  for watching him so we could go visit and go to the viewing!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flip Flop Love

My Bloggy buddy Becca at The Texas Darlings hosted a flip flop exchange again this year and I decided to jump in.  I got paired up with Angela at A Mama's Two Cents Worth.  She is in Canada so the exchange took us a little longer but that just increased my excitement to see my package in the mail.

Angela sent me some super fun flower flip flops (say that 10 times fast), a few Canadian trinkets and a sweet card.  In the card she shared with me a amazing sounding peanut butter cake recipe!  I can't wait to try it out!  Sammy has claimed the key chain and has it attached to his flashlight as I type.  He also insisted I share that delicious maple lollypop! 


Thanks so much Angela for the amazing package!  I hope you get yours soon!!  Head over to Becca's and check out all the cute flip flops!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Tale of Yucky Duck

*Warning* This post is not for the squeamish or easily grossed out.  Or those that might be offended by being grossed out.. or whatever.. basically its a gross story.. read at your own risk!!!






Okay I'm starting the story.. you had your chance to close out of my blog if you didn't want to read this!

Last week I learned a valuable life lesson!  The lesson was why you should not leave water in the baby pool.  We usually try to get 2 days of swimming out of our pool before we dump it.  We do this because its not usually gross and it takes a while for the water to warm up before you can swim in it and not freeze.  Not that freezing keeps Sammy from swimming.  Well 2 weeks ago Sammy went swimming.  I left the water in the pool for the next day.  However, he started to get a cold so I didn't let him swim.  Then in all honesty I completely forgot about the pool and the water that was in it.  Last week he was feeling better and it was HOT (100+) so the perfect day for a swim.  I got Sammy loaded up on sunscreen (and myself for that matter) and ready to go swim. 

When we got outside I was reminded that I needed to dump the pool and put in clean water.  It had been about 4 days since I had filled it.  I told Sammy to wait and I went to go dump the pool.  He however is all the way at the pool at this point (this is important for later).  I tell him to go find something else to play with while I dump the pool out.  He runs off to play on his swing set.  As I am approaching the pool I notice the water was green.  I was disgusted but thought that was really fast for the water to get that gross.  Now I am at the edge of the pool and I am about to start bailing some of it out so I can lift it and dump it out.  As I bend down I see the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my entire life!  There floating in the water is a nasty diseased dead bird!!!  It was so gross I actually gag at the sight of it! 

After I get over the shock of the scene, I realized that there is no way I can clean this up by myself.  However, at this point Sammy is demanding asking politely if he can swim!  I tell him that we no in fact cannot swim today.  He asks why (his new favorite question).  I explain that the water is yucky and Mommy and Daddy need to clean the pool.  At this point I see our neighbor's plastic pool outside. After a quick text message asking if we can borrow it I have it filled up for Sammy to swim.  He asks why he is swimming in this pool.  I then explain that the pool is yucky and we need to clean it. 

I didn't want to tell him about the bird for fear he would want to see it.  Sammy loves birds and I was trying to protect him a little from it.. because like I said it was NASTY!! 

He then replies with, "ohh can't swim because of the yucky duck!" I about died trying not to laugh.  So apparently he saw the bird before he ran from the pool.. he apparently wasn't to perturbed by it and thought about it enough to name him Yucky Duck

So after all of this goes down I call Tim to tell him the hilarious story of Yucky Duck and how this bird will be waiting for him when he gets home.  That night after Sammy went to bed Tim fished "yucky duck" out of the pool (with a bucket) and threw him into a trash bag(that I loving held.. along with my breath) to be taken to the dump.  We have since bleached the pool and gotten it nice and clean. 

I have learned the lesson of why you dump the water out of your pool each time you swim ;-)!  Or at least buy a cover for the pool :-P! Tim and I still joke about our adventures with yucky duck!