Saturday, October 30, 2010

Way Back in August.. We Swam at the Lake

Don’t worry this is my last catch up post from August ;-)!  I was just so happy to have my pictures back I had to share :-)

Pop Pop and Sammy taking a swim:

DSCN3832  DSCN3836 

Everybody got in the lake this day: DSCN3839 

Pop Pop and Sammy pretended to be pirates:   DSCN3843

They battled.. Pop Pop lost ;-)DSCN3844 They cleaned cobwebs with their pirate weapons.  I told you in my ice cream post he was a neat freak ;-) DSCN3846

We went for a boat ride: DSCN3848 

We saw birds.. yes that is real: DSCN3851

Sammy got to be the captain.. this consists of steering (with help), blowing the horn loudly when Pop Pop is trying to correct the steering, and pushing down on the accelerator when Pop Pop is telling him not to honk the horn anymore :-P

DSCN3852  My mom and I :-) DSCN3855

Pop Pop and Sammy practicing swimming:DSCN3856 DSCN3857 DSCN3858 DSCN3859 Until next year :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Way Back in August.. We ate Ice Cream

Sammy is all for messy.. so we let him have at it on this hot day:

DSCN3803 DSCN3804

I love that I had so many pictures of me during this month.. I really do exist ;-) DSCN3812 DSCN3815

Sammy asked Daddy to take this picture and I had to share them for my Dad….DSCN3817

the neat freak! I am sure he is having convulsions right now ;-)DSCN3818 DSCN3819

Handsome even with a vanilla goatee ;-) DSCN3822 DSCN3824 My boys :-)DSCN3829

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way Back in August… We swam

Sammy and some of his best buddies Noelle and Joel.  The three of them had a total blast in the pool!


Love the look on Joel’s face in this picture.. pure delight:DSCN3797

   Sammy showed Joel how to go down on his belly DSCN3801

And not to be out done.. he tried it too:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday – They are Riding in My Lap

The other day in the car Sammy hid his arms under a book.

Sammy (age 3): Mommy where are my arms?

Me: (playing along) hmmm I don’t know

Sammy (age 3): They are right here (removes book).  They are riding in my lap.

So glad they came along for the ride ;-)

Sammy spent Sunday with his grandparents.  He took a nap over there and his Aunt Rachel came in when he was waking up from his nap.

Sammy (age 3): I wake up like a bear

I am not really sure where this came from but he can be a little bit of a bear when he wakes up.

The other day after watching Diego we were on our way to biblestudy at church.

Sammy (age 3):Shake your body shake shake!  Shake your body shake shake! 


fagati – spaghetti

croni n cheese – macaroni and cheese

hot – This can mean actually hot but it can also mean bright

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 10-25-10


- Pizza


- Chipotle-Lime Chicken Skewers served with rice and corn


- Mexican Lasagna

-Extra: pumpkin pie


- I go to a bible study on Thursday nights and we rotate through on bringing the main dish. This week I am bringing mashed potatoes.


- Bubble Pizza


- Chili (my recipe) – this will be for a chili cook-off we are having at church


- Loaded BBQ Potato Casserole

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Way Back in August... Sammy got a bee sting

Sammy got a bee sting on his hand. He picked it and picked at it until it became infected. We had to go get a special cream for it that cost a series amount for a tiny tube. The issue we were facing was that we couldn’t keep him from picking at it at night. He would get any bandage off and pick at it some more. So we asked the pediatrician for advice on how to keep the cream on there long enough to clear up the infection.

Her solution:


Mittens duct taped to his footed jammies. We had been putting them on backwards to keep him from picking at his leg (a cut on it as well and to keep him from taking his diaper off at night). I thought this would totally wig him out.. but as you can see he thought it was great ;-)DSCN3790 DSCN3791

Seriously love this picture:


We only had to do this for a few days before it cleared up enough to not be so itchy. DSCN3793

I am also glad to report that now that it is October I had forgotten about this and his hand looks great :-P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Way back in August… we made a tent

We made a huge tent and Sammy would still look at the camera when I asked ;-)

Love this cutie!


Mommy got to hang out in the tent with all of the puppies: DSCN3768 Sammy played in the tent for hours! DSCN3772

Sammy still has a love for puppies and he had a blast lining them all up and playing with them. We have lovingly referred to his collection (only partially picture) as the pound puppies!DSCN3775

Sammy and his dogs.. melt my heart :-)


I hope we grow out of our current phase of not wanting his picture taken.. until then pictures liek this before will get a mama through ;-)


Thanks to Daddy for building the awesome tent!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Preschool Corner - Games

preschool corner

This week I didn’t take any pictures of our learning time.  We did however have a really great week.  What I wanted to share about this week is some of the fun preschool games we have and played with this week.

Mancala is a game for older kids however, it has colorful glass beads that Sammy loves playing with.  This week we sorted the beads by color and counted them.  We then used a spoon to move the beads one by one into the little wells the beads go into.  Sammy moved the beads one by one until there were four beads in each of the small wells.

Uno Moo – We got this game for Christmas last year and is still a huge hit.  Sammy loves to play the games by the rules.  But he also likes to just play with all of the plastic animals.  He sorts them by color or by animal.  He also likes to tell little stories them with this week :-)

Mr. Potato Head – We have 2 big potato heads and two little ones.  Sammy love to make silly faces with them or give them 2 noses or something like that.  This week we tried to make a normal face for the potato heads.  We closed our eyes and reached into our box of parts and tried to find the pieces we needed with our eyes closed!

Cootie – This is another great game Sammy can play by the rules. But it also allows you to just play with the pieces and make different bugs.  This game requires a lot of fine motor skills to get the pieces out of the board and put the pieces onto the bugs.  This week we also built our bugs and played the game in reverse.  So when we rolled the die and it landed on six for legs we would take one leg away.  Sammy thought this was hilarious to do!

Candyland – this is a classic!  Sammy loves this game and will play it over and over again if you will sit with him ;-).  This week I tried to think of different ways to play the game.  Two different extensions I came up with were to use a die and just move that number of spaces.   This wasn’t Sammy’s favorite but I liked it better since I didn’t draw any go backward pieces like I usually do!  Another extension I came up with and tried this week was to put out 16 game pieces that had matches.  Then I flipped them over memory style.  You had to make a match before you could to that space.  Sammy thought this was fun but this extension lasted longer than his attention span ;-)

Don’t Break the Ice – This is a fun game where you get to hammer out pieces of ice. Sammy really enjoys playing this game by the rules.  The only extension we did was to stack up the ice cubes like blocks :-)

Here are the games we used this week:

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Way back in August... we went to a parade

We went to a local parade.. However, my computer had issues just after that and I didn’t have the pictures to post. But now I do.. so a hot August day will be posted on a cool October day.. cause I wouldn’t want to forget it :-)

Love this picture of my guys:

DSCN3671I was there too!! DSCN3673

The parade was starting.. Sammy was ready for the sirens:DSCN3681

I love living in a small town (this one isn’t our small town..) but I love the feel of everyone out on the sidewalks to watch the parade :-) DSCN3682

Old old fire truck: DSCN3687 Crazy go-carts zipped all long the sides of the road!


hehe okay.. so it might be a little redneck but it makes me laugh:


Crazy little cars.. this was part of a Shriners group for burn victims


How fun is this! Some of these kids were really young and rode the whole time!DSCN3707

Sammy got a lolly pop:DSCN3723

LOL this was part of a retirement community:DSCN3726

Here was their float:


Smoky the bear… Sammy was curled up hiding on my lap.. he is afraid of bears :-PDSCN3732

One of the trucks blew its horns and Sammy stayed like this for a long time:DSCN3736

Red-neck truck passing out political information: