Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with friends and family!  We went over to my parents for a good part of the day on Christmas Eve.  We opened presents we played and we ate a wonderful Christmas dinner that my Mom fixed for everyone.

Bradley opening his travel chalkboard that my mom made:


Bradley and his new rescue boat:


My parents got both of the boys a tag reading system.  Sammy has been having a blast playing with his.  He loves all of the games that are on the pages:


My Dad got up from his chair and this little guy curled up in it with his cookie:


Bradley checking out his new boat:


Sammy writing on his new chalk board from Gigi:


We got a lot of pictures like this of Sammy unwrapping:


Sammy got a bat cave and has not stopped playing with it since the day he opened it:


My mom made these Christmas pillows for Clare and I, aren’t they adorable:


Robin to the rescue:


My Dad got some more decorations for his train table (more on that to come):


Hey I am in a picture Smile


Exercising while eating a cookie.. now that’s the way to do it Sammy:


Aunt Lindsay and Ellie snuggle time =I can’t get enough of it:


My mom opening her knitting bag from my sister:


Helping Ellie open her Curious George book from us:


Bradley helping Chris open his monogramed jackets (with his companies logo on it):


Sammy successfully figured out how to make the train go:




My sister got a beautiful jewelry box with her initials on the top:


Clare holding up some of the books they got Sammy.  Those things get tossed aside in the excitement of the holiday but turn out to be really enjoyed and treasured Smile


Ellie with the little blanket I knitted her:


My Mom checking out the jewelry we got her:


The Ellie and Sammy band:


My Dad with his Diet Coke ornament from Tim and I:


Me with my new book of homemade ideas!  We are are doing a partial homemade Christmas next year so I have a full year to start planning and creating Winking smile


Clare opening some of Ellie’s gifts for her:


Our view while opening presents:


The full picture of Christmas Eve at my parents:


More train time:


My mom and I flipping through my idea book:


The boys playing:


Aussie taking it all in:


After dinner the boys watched Santa Paws (no we didn’t dress them alike on purpose.. just what they both ended up wearing):


Next up Christmas Eve Night Smile

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sammy and his Ticia

Sammy and his ‘Ticia’ (actual words Aunt Nicia) have a very special bond!  I love seeing the two of them together!  Sammy looks up to Nicia and he brings out a special side in her that I absolutely adore seeing.   I was able to capture a few of those moments over the holidays and wanted to share a few of them.  Nicia was playing on the computer and Sammy wanted to watch her play.  So she pulled him up onto her lap and watched her and sat (relatively) still and cheered her on:


On Christmas morning we were all waiting to open up some presents over at Tim’s parent’s house.   Sammy is not a real big snuggler but he curled up and found a comfy spot to hang out and wait:


My favorite moment was one that I wasn’t able to catch on “film” though.  We had a bunch of Tim’s family over to watch the first two Narnia movies before going to see the third one in the theater.  It was close to Sammy’s bed time when we started but we let him watch for a little while.  He was sitting in the big recliner chair with his Aunt Nicia while she explained what was going on to him.  He sat there for a long time (we thought he would lose interest in the movie since he usually only watches animated movies) and snuggled up with his Aunt when things got a little scary.  After a while we had to pause it because we know it was going to get much scarier and we didn’t want him to have nightmares.  We put him down and I overheard Nicia saying that she felt bad that he had to go to bed and she wished it wouldn’t have scared him so he could stay up and be a part of it!  How sweet!!  Love those two little cuties!  Thanks for being such a great Aunt Nicia!  Sammy loves you very much Smile

Monday, December 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 12-27-10

Tim is off this week so I planned out each meal so we could enjoy some special meals while on “vacation.”  Some things are roll overs from last week that we didn’t need to make.


- Breakfast: Bananas Foster French Toast

-Lunch: leftovers

-Dinner: leftovers


- Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon and eggs

-Lunch: Chipped Beef and fruit

-Dinner: White Chicken Chili with baked potatoes


- Breakfast: Maple Cream Cheese Crescents

-Lunch: Tuna Melts, chips, and apple sauce

-Dinner: Taco Soup


- Breakfast: Omelets with bacon and cheese

-Lunch: leftovers

-Dinner: Creamy Italian Chicken, pasta, broccoli


- Breakfast: Crispy baked Oatmeal – a new recipe from a cookbook

-Lunch: Potato Soup with homemade rolls

-Dinner: Tim’s sister’s house – a new years eve celebration


- Breakfast: French Toast

-Lunch: 3 Bean Crispy Tacos

-Dinner: Beef Stew with whole wheat bread


- Breakfast: egg biscuits

-Lunch: Tim’s parent’s house

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Favorite Christmas Things Meme

One of the blogs I read posted this fun little meme and since I too  love lists and Christmas Time I just couldn’t resist playing along.  You can check out the post over at Superheroes and Princesses
A Few of My Favorite Things:
  1. Christmas song:  hmm I love so many Christmas songs, my favorite fun song is: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, for a song about the real reason for the season What Child is This.
  2. Tradition: Opening one gift on Christmas Eve – It’s always pajamas and then Sammy can wear them on Christmas morning! 
  3. Gift to give:  I love to find the perfect gift for each person we give to each year.  Something they need or something they really want. But I always put a lot of thought into finding just the right thing!
  4. Gift to receive: Anything that makes me realize the person thought about me and my likes and dislikes!
  5. Christmas movie:  oo this is a tough one.  Growing up it would have been Home Alone.  As an adult I would have to say Elf. 
  6. Christmas cartoon:  Any of the veggietale Christmas movies are a big hit at our house and I love the comedy in them!  But we also love Polar Express.
  7. Christmas book for children: Wow to pick just one is tough.  I would have to say Twas the night before Christmas.  I think because it was my favorite growing up I enjoy reading it to Sammy so much!
  8. Christmas dessert:  My Grammy’s fudge – Mom, can we make some of this on Christmas eve?
  9. Christmas cookie:   Peanut Butter cookies with a hershey’s kiss stuck down in the top of them!
  10. Ornament: I did a whole post about my favorite ornaments.   Way to hard to pick my favorite Smile

Tell me your favorites or write a post like this and let me know I would love to read it Smile

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday–You’re a Bad Guy

Its been a few weeks since I have done a Tiny Talk Tuesday post. I have a ton of stories but I can only remember a few of them!

A few weeks ago before bed Sammy said to me, “Mommy lets play!  You be the bad guy.  I be a good guy and get you with my hiney!”  He then proceeded to turn around stick his cute little hiney in my face Smile with tongue out Tim and I have no idea where he learned that from but we laughed so hard!

Sammy: “My tummy is rumbling for some pizza!!”


well – all drawn out like a little southern boy

tody – toby

Brabee – Bradley

icky spider – itsy bitsy spider

kissmas – Christmas

ormaments – ornaments

If you are stopping by from Tiny Talk Tuesday please leave me a comment I would love to stop by your blog too!!

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