Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bit of This and That

  1. I had a super fun and busy weekend. I am not completely organized for the week ahead but I will be able to catch up some tonight!
  2. On Saturday we went to my parents for most of the day. Sammy had a blast playing with Gigi and Pop Pop.
  3. I got my mom’s old sewing table that I am super trilled about!
  4. We did some computer work for them while we were there and got them all setup Smile
  5. Sammy got a super adorable hat while at my parents house. My Great Aunt Nancy made a bunch of hats for the kids and Sammy got this one:168333_1884507711181_1196037832_2322928_4685249_n
  6. Saturday night Tim and I went and looked at sofas and picked out the style we like! I am excited to save up and pick out the configuration we are going to get!
  7. Sunday Tim played bass at church and I ran the lights. That is something new for me to do and I am having a lot of fun.
  8. After church we headed out to Tim’s parents for a late lunch and a super fun Valentine’s dessert made by his sisters!
  9. The weather was really nice yesterday and we went out to the creek by his parents house and did some of this:


and some of this:


This week is suppose to be really warm and I can’t wait to get out and enjoy the weather with Sammy!!

Meals for the week:

Monday- Out to dinner

Tuesday- Beef Stew (roll over from last week)

Wednesday- Crock-pot lasagna

Thursday- Bible study – we rotate through bringing the main dish. This week I am taking a meal to a family at church that just had their first child. Creamy Italian Chicken of course Smile

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – chili

Sunday- Chicken Tortilla Soup – I think I will share this recipe this weekend

How was everyone’s weekend? How’s the weather? Everyone getting over the winter sickness?