Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Good Daughters–Review and Giveaway

Yes you read that right a giveaway!  First for the review:
I really loved this book.  The story is told by two girls (Dana and Ruth)  born to two different families and told from their points of view.  I love that style of narration when it switches back and forth between the two characters lives.  These girls were born on the same day and the families called them birthday sisters.  This was the only thing these “sisters” had in common. 
Ruth lived on a farm with her parents and sisters.  She had a stable life but always felt like she didn’t fit in with her family. Dana had a tough life, her father was always disappearing to try and make it big with some new invention or song he wrote.  Her mother was present but very different from her.  Her brother Ray was  a free spirit.
Now for the giveaway!  Let me give you a little background to this book.  I won it from my bloggy friend Terra over at Sitting on an Oak and Tales from the Nightstand.  When I won the book there was a stipulation that came along with the book.  It was once I finished the book I was to write a note in the cover and pass it along to someone else.  I figured what a better way to do that than to offer it up to my blog readers.  So here is the rules: Leave a comment if you want to win this book and you will post it on your blog when you have finished reading it and pass it along to someone else.  This is open to anyone (not just the US).