Sunday, March 27, 2011

Annie Jr.–Pepper

Last weekend Tim and I had the pleasure of seeing Annie Jr. performed by Nicia’s (Tim’s sister) school.  Nicia was in the play as one of the orphans named Pepper (the mean orphan).  There was no flash photography allowed so a lot of my picture turned out blurry but I got a few good ones!

The director introducing the play:


The kids did an amazing job with this play.  Everyone is in middle school and they are responsible for custome changes, set changes, switching microphones, lights, curtains, props, etc!  Not only did they do an excellent job with that the play was amazing and really entertaining!

The orphans sleeping (Nicia is on the left w/ the grey sweater and black dress):


Fighting with another orphan:


The orphans in Miss Hannigan’s office:


Tim, Nicia and I after the play:


Rachel and Nicia after the play:


We had so much fun watching this play and can’t wait to see what they do next year.  Last year they did Willy Wonka Jr.