Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday–I Love Jesus!

It has been a while since I have done one of these posts.  Sammy has been saying some hilarious things but I didn’t write them down and then they disappear from me to quickly!

Sammy (4) was sitting on Tim’s lap and you could tell he was just loving sitting with his Daddy!

me: Sammy do you love your Daddy?

Sammy: No

me: Really who do you love?

Sammy: I love Jesus! 

He then went on to list all of his family that he loved and a few close friends.. super sweet!

Sammy was watching Toy Story 3 at the end Andy uses his bottom to close the back of his car.  Sammy giggles then says: Don’t use your hiney use your hand!!! Hineys are for going potty!

Sammy (4): When I am 10 I will grow up to be a big cat!

A little latter he said when I am 12 I will be little again!


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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nicia Turns 13

I can’t believe that Nicia is 13.. she heard that so many times that day!  When Tim and I started dating Nicia was 4 and a half.  I have had so much fun watching her grow up!  I know I have said that before  but she has such vibrant personality and her and I just click!

Nicia is a wonderful aunt and loves to play with Sammy and teach him things!  She has hopes of him loving all of her passions, music, soccer, legos, and on and on the list could go!  Sammy looks up to his Ticia (his name for her Aunt and Nicia combined into one word) and thinks the world of her.  If she spends the night he looks for her first thing in the morning.  She is a wonderful Aunt and actually gets up when he does even when she wants to sleep in!


Sammy chowing down on Nicia’s birthday food: hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, chips, and cucumbers.. he is a boy after her own taste!


I was feeling a little under the weather when everyone came over for the cook out.  So I am glad that Tim picked up the camera and got a few pictures from the occasion!


Nicia’s “cake” was two different mint chocolate ice creams.. wishing I could have some of that now! Smile 


I was there.. just snuggled under a blanket and wishing my stomach didn’t hate fast food that Tim and I had the day before!


Rachel made the delicious dessert that I missed out on!


Nicia I am so glad to call you a sister-in-law and a friend!  Can’t wait for all of the fun times we will have in the future.. like the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 this summer! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The First Dip of the Season

We had a couple of hotter (upper 80s) days in a row in April. I decided to bust out Sammy’s swimming pool for the frist dip of the season!!

I put a pot of boiling water in too.. but I don’ t think it warmed it up much. Sammy testing it out and splashing:


This picture doesn’t really have much to do about the pool but shows his love for airplanes.. We live about a mile from a regional airport and we see lots of planes.. Sammy gives them this reaction every time:


And down the slide he goes:


He still loves this pool but we will probably set up the big one for the first time this summer:


He “sat” like this for a long time:


Sammy also ate the first strawberry off of our strawberry plant:



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sammy’s Actual Birthday

Sammy’s birthday fell on a Monday this year.  I go into the office one day a week and its on Mondays Smile with tongue out!  So Sammy got to spend his birthday at Grandma’s house.  I know he had a blast playing over there with his new butterfly net from Grandma!

Once Tim and I got off worked and picked Sammy up we were off to open presents with him, eat his favorite meal (pizza) and sing Happy Birthday to him!

Sammy showing me how old he is:


Then he let me take a bunch of pictures of him with various funny faces!  Like this one:


And this one:


I only made Sammy one present for his birthday and it was the first one he wanted to open:


A fishing game inspired by Counting Coconuts’ game:


He was so thankful for all of the gifts he received!  Ripping open a building set:


An airplane for his aircraft carrier:


I will do a more detailed post about the fishing game and how I made mine when I get some pictures of all of the fish and the pole.  I am going to need to make some modifications to the pole but Sammy has LOVED the game!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter Morning

We had a busy weekend with birthday parties and Easter services.  Sammy did get a fun visit from the Easter bunny. 

His basket:


Sammy woke up at 7 am sharp but I think he was a little tired from the day before.  What do you think:DSC_0195-1

But he was super excited about collecting the eggs he spied outside of his door.  Yes, he is wearing Christmas pjs they are his favorite he tells me Winking smile


Collecting eggs in the hall way:


A basket full of eggs leading up to his Easter basket:


Some of Sammy’s goodies:


Lots of jelly beans and gummies since Sammy doesn’t like chocolate:


Checking out his Curious George wipe off book:


Some bouncy balls in his Easter eggs… Do you think he liked those:


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I love you very much! 


P.S. I put this up a day early since I am celebrating Mother’s Day today with you!  Lets take a picture together soon since this is the most recent one I have of the two of us and its from August!! Smile

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sammy’s Friend Party

On Saturday night we had a big cookout for Sammy’s friends and family. We also did an Easter egg hunt. We had so much fun talking and catching up with everyone.

We got a HUGE cake at Costco it was delicious:


Sammy painted a bunch of pages of construction paper. I cut them up into eggs and we decorated them with Easter stickers as one of our decorations:


Hey look.. I was there too Smile


Sammy with his cake before everyone got there:


Opening some gifts:


I am pretty sure he was saying wow in this picture:


Blowing out the candle on his cake:


I loved this picture of Kaleb and just had to share it!!


The helpers hiding some eggs for the hunt:


Sammy found Tim’s leather man:


Aunt Nicia hung out to help with the egg hunt and the food:


We ‘hid’ 240 Easter eggs in our yard and handed out bags for the kids to collect their goodies. Here a few shots from the egg hunt:


Checking out their goodies:


We had so much fun celebrating Sammy’s birthday with our friends! Thanks so much to everyone that made Sammy’s birthday so special!! Special thanks to Jolanthe for taking almost all of these pictures for me. I pawned off my camera while I was helping Sammy to open presents and she took some amazing pictures for me. Thanks!!