Friday, July 29, 2011

The Great Reveal

Tim’s youngest sister Nicia was gone for a month.  While she was gone the family did an extreme makeover to her room!  What did Nicia think of the finished product:


I think she liked it.. what do you think:


I think she was saying seriously in this picture:


Taking it all in:


Nicia wants to live in the city so bad.. since we couldn’t do that Reatha and Rachel brough some city to her.  They also found some adorable little nicknacks for around the room.. like the black sand hour glass next to the Harry Potter books:


Tim and I got new hardware for her night stand and dresser.  Don’t you just love this lamp:


One of my favorite touches was the polaroid picture frames on the wall:


The part that Tim and I spent the most time on.. The new floor:


Here is a before picture that I stole from Rachel since we weren’t there when the whole thing started:


Things that were changed out but not pictured directly:

  • New outlets and switch (I changed my first one out with Tim’s help)
  • New light fixture (that was all Tim)
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • New curtains
  • New blinds

I hope you enjoy your new grown up room Nicia!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boring Update Post

  1. I don’t have diabetes.. my blood sugar levels were awesome (per the nurse), I started my PCOS medicine and I am in the middle of week two. They have me slowly ramping up to the full dosage and to say the least I know why the do this. I am finally adjusted to the 2 dosages a day. I move to 3 next week (full dosage) and stay on that.
  2. I have had a bunch of emails about my lack of blogging.. nothing is wrong! I promise.. just haven’t felt like blogging. Life has been good.. in fact it has been great. A little busy.. a little slow summer days. I just haven’t felt much like getting my words on “paper.” I know my desire to blog will come back… like it did a little this morning. Smile
  3. We lost power last Friday afternoon.. it was flipping hot in the house in no less than 45 minutes. The silver lining to that was I didn’t have to cook dinner and we went out to cracker barrel for breakfast for dinner Smile
  4. LOVED the Harry Potter movie.. Tim and I were complete nerds and went to the midnight showing. Then I took his little sister when she got back in town and saw it in 3D!
  5. I need to get cracking on some more summer bucket list tasks.. I started out strong but we have hit a lull
  6. Tim and I installed a laminate floor in his little sister’s room while she was gone. Rachel and Reatha painted and decorated it. The room turned out awesome I will be sure to share some pictures with you all soon!
  7. We are getting a wooden swing set! We should be picking it up this week with help from a friend who is lending us his truck! I will post pictures when the backyard transformation has occurred!
  8. I gave Sammy a hair cut yesterday and he is lovingly calling it a “Daddy” hair cut! It looks cuter in person and its nice and cool for this summer heat we have been having!283251_2293754902105_1196037832_2845378_7785361_n
  9. I need to write some goals for myself for the rest of summer.. and then work my tail off to make them happen.. more on this soon Smile
  10. I got nothing else but though ending on number 9 seemed wrong so you get this last worthless point.. it’s better than not blogging!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

  • I posted Sammy’s mural last week and wanted to elaborate on the story behind it.  Sammy was having quite time and I had a terrible headache.  I took some Tylenol and took a nap for 30 minutes.  When I got up I checked on Sammy and found that lovely picture on the wall.  So while I was resting he snuck out of his room got the Crayola no-spill water colors and went back into his room and painted that picture on the wall.  Yes they were washable!  However some of the colors didn’t come off completely.  So we will have to repaint eventually.  I think we will wait a little while until Sammy has grown past the phase of pulling things off the walls!
  • Sammy has been saying some HILARIOUS things lately and I haven’t been writing them down.  But I wanted to share a few:
    • While at the beach Sammy and I were sitting in the water.  Five college aged girls walk by in their bikinis.  Sammy giggles and says, “HeHe they wore their underwears to the beach!”  I proceeded to laugh so hard I cried!
    • When talking about Cars 2 I realized Sammy was calling McQueen “Carrrreen.”
    • One of his new favorite expressions is, “Hey Guys.”
  • This summer is going by so quick!  I am having fun but its been super busy and I can’t wait to slow down a little and have a more chill week around the house!
  • I got diagnosed with PCOS yesterday.. not exactly good news.. but I a m glad to have some answers and plan of attack.  Which the first step was to insure I didn’t have diabetes before I start taking some medicine.  I had the pleasure of drinking a sugar drink and getting my blood drawn twice.  This delicious drink was twice as sweet as the one you get to drink when you are pregnant.  It was basically like drinking syrup!
  • Things have been so crazy lately my house has gone crazy and now I am playing some major catch up!
  • Now I am off to get some things done around the house and play with my boy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greg’s Boot Camp Graduation

Last month we made the trip to Ft. Jackson, SC (near Columbia) to see Tim’s youngest brother graduate from boot camp!  We are so proud of him and all he has accomplished.  Here is a recap from our 2 days down there.

Waiting for family day to start:


They threw colored smoke to run through:


Greg’s company, he is in the the third row (from the left) and 2nd from the back:


So proud of our soldier:

Hanging out at the PX eating some lunch:


Sammy pretty much describes it here.. it was hot.. check out those sweaty cheeks:


We went to search for some AC and check out the museum.  The museum was closed but we check out the cool things they had outside.  The helicopter was Sammy’s favorite:


We left in late afternoon to check into the hotel and get a swim in:


Uncle Greg bought Sammy a uniform so he wore it on graduation day:


He was loving life until it got hot:


Most of the crew (Rachel was taking the picture and Tim’s Dad was just out of the shot):


Love this picture:


Greg walking with his company to end the graduation:


Seeing his mom for the first time in 10 weeks:


Greg, Sammy, me, and Tim after graduation:


Greg looked great after all that hard work.  He gained some muscle weight and was able to accomplish some tough tasks.  He graduated as a squad leader and we are very proud of him!


Greg with his parents:


The best picture we got of Sammy and Uncle Greg together on graduation day:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Bucket List Update–7-5

  1. Lots of backyard swimming
  2. Lake trips
  3. Sidewalk chalk
  4. Sidewalk painting with liquid chalk
  5. Water painting
  6. Camping
  7. Create my homemade Christmas gift list
  8. Complete half of my list (see #7)
  9. Fire pit nights
  10. Create a family game night
  11. Big beach trip (end of summer finale)
  12. Do some purging of stuff
  13. Create a weekly date night in for Tim and I – plan a special after Sammy is in bed snack and an activity of some sort
  14. Have a water activity day with friends
  15. Have a messy activity day with friends
  16. picnic at several parks
  17. make popsicles
  18. pick some fruit (blueberries, peaches or something like that)
  19. fly a kite
  20. Go to the farmers market
  21. Watch fireworks
  22. Lots of crafts
  23. Make a meal in the sun
  24. Take Nicia to see the last Harry Potter movie
  25. Go to the Aquarium (during beach trip)
  26. Play putt putt (also during beach trip)
  27. Go to a movie or concert in the local town
  28. Library reading program
  29. Library story hours (try and make a bunch of these)
  30. Go to some of the free summer events put on through the reading program
  31. Join the Children's museum again
  32. Make homemade ice cream
  33. Vacation Bible School
  34. Go see Cars 2
  35. Go to $1 movie at the theater
  36. Ride on the tube at the lake
  37. Go to a lawn party
  38. Make 10 things from our silly concoctions book
  39. Ride a train
  40. Go get ice cream cones
  41. Visit some new to us playgrounds
  42. Go swimming at Sammy’s cousin’s pool
  43. Picnic in the backyard and read books
  44. Visit the local regional airport on a nice sunny day and watch the plains take off and land
  45. Feed the ducks
  46. Play in the sprinkler 
  47. Lots of bike riding on Sammy’s balance bike (we temporarily modified his bike)
  48. Eat each meal outside in one day
  49. Start a savings, spend, give piggy bank with Sammy
  50. Make popsicles!