Monday, July 25, 2011

Boring Update Post

  1. I don’t have diabetes.. my blood sugar levels were awesome (per the nurse), I started my PCOS medicine and I am in the middle of week two. They have me slowly ramping up to the full dosage and to say the least I know why the do this. I am finally adjusted to the 2 dosages a day. I move to 3 next week (full dosage) and stay on that.
  2. I have had a bunch of emails about my lack of blogging.. nothing is wrong! I promise.. just haven’t felt like blogging. Life has been good.. in fact it has been great. A little busy.. a little slow summer days. I just haven’t felt much like getting my words on “paper.” I know my desire to blog will come back… like it did a little this morning. Smile
  3. We lost power last Friday afternoon.. it was flipping hot in the house in no less than 45 minutes. The silver lining to that was I didn’t have to cook dinner and we went out to cracker barrel for breakfast for dinner Smile
  4. LOVED the Harry Potter movie.. Tim and I were complete nerds and went to the midnight showing. Then I took his little sister when she got back in town and saw it in 3D!
  5. I need to get cracking on some more summer bucket list tasks.. I started out strong but we have hit a lull
  6. Tim and I installed a laminate floor in his little sister’s room while she was gone. Rachel and Reatha painted and decorated it. The room turned out awesome I will be sure to share some pictures with you all soon!
  7. We are getting a wooden swing set! We should be picking it up this week with help from a friend who is lending us his truck! I will post pictures when the backyard transformation has occurred!
  8. I gave Sammy a hair cut yesterday and he is lovingly calling it a “Daddy” hair cut! It looks cuter in person and its nice and cool for this summer heat we have been having!283251_2293754902105_1196037832_2845378_7785361_n
  9. I need to write some goals for myself for the rest of summer.. and then work my tail off to make them happen.. more on this soon Smile
  10. I got nothing else but though ending on number 9 seemed wrong so you get this last worthless point.. it’s better than not blogging!