Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

  • I posted Sammy’s mural last week and wanted to elaborate on the story behind it.  Sammy was having quite time and I had a terrible headache.  I took some Tylenol and took a nap for 30 minutes.  When I got up I checked on Sammy and found that lovely picture on the wall.  So while I was resting he snuck out of his room got the Crayola no-spill water colors and went back into his room and painted that picture on the wall.  Yes they were washable!  However some of the colors didn’t come off completely.  So we will have to repaint eventually.  I think we will wait a little while until Sammy has grown past the phase of pulling things off the walls!
  • Sammy has been saying some HILARIOUS things lately and I haven’t been writing them down.  But I wanted to share a few:
    • While at the beach Sammy and I were sitting in the water.  Five college aged girls walk by in their bikinis.  Sammy giggles and says, “HeHe they wore their underwears to the beach!”  I proceeded to laugh so hard I cried!
    • When talking about Cars 2 I realized Sammy was calling McQueen “Carrrreen.”
    • One of his new favorite expressions is, “Hey Guys.”
  • This summer is going by so quick!  I am having fun but its been super busy and I can’t wait to slow down a little and have a more chill week around the house!
  • I got diagnosed with PCOS yesterday.. not exactly good news.. but I a m glad to have some answers and plan of attack.  Which the first step was to insure I didn’t have diabetes before I start taking some medicine.  I had the pleasure of drinking a sugar drink and getting my blood drawn twice.  This delicious drink was twice as sweet as the one you get to drink when you are pregnant.  It was basically like drinking syrup!
  • Things have been so crazy lately my house has gone crazy and now I am playing some major catch up!
  • Now I am off to get some things done around the house and play with my boy!