Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visiting Cousins Part 2

Sammy talking to Kira before they went to the museum:
So sweet all stretched out:
Sammy walking a stuffed dog Smile with tongue out:
The guys went to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (also known as the Air and Space Museum in Dulles)  and from what I heard Sammy had a blast!
Test space shuttle:
Sammy pointing something out to Uncle Dave:
Slightly blurry but Sammy in front of a huge military helicopter:
Sammy had a blast with Uncle Dave.  Tim said it was like he (Tim) was just tagging along with them.  So he had to take this picture:
Thanks Dave and Lisa for having us to your house for the day and for feeding us!  We had a lot of fun and will have to make another trip soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visiting Cousins Part 1

Last month we took a little mini car trip to visit Tim’s brother and his family.  We had fun playing with our nieces and I know Sammy had fun playing with his cousins.  Well playing with one and holding the other cutie!

This is in two parts because Tim, Sammy and Uncle Dave went to visit a museum and took the small camera and I haven’t pulled those pictures off yet Smile 

Kylee and Sammy playing with the big ball:


I tried coaxing a smile out of her but this was the best I could get Smile


I think we might need to blow up our balance ball Sammy had a blast bouncing on this:


Sammy holding his newest cousin:


So he doesn’t look super excited about it but he was taking his job very serious and we couldn’t get him to smile:


Holding baby Kira Smile


Part 2 will be coming tomorrow with the museum trip Smile

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sidewalk Spray Paint

Last month *ahem* Sammy and I made sidewalk spray paint.  We used a hair spray bottle and got to work coloring the sidewalk.  Sammy had a blast with this and wished we had made multiple colors.  It is a super simple recipe:

  • 3 TBs of cornstarch
  • 1 cup of water
  • a few drops of food coloring

Mix all of these things up and then put them in a spray bottle and paint your heart out!


It is not super amazing looking but Sammy had a blast doing it:


When they are all down spray painting give them the hose to wash it off. You might notice a slight tint from the food coloring.  We have done this several times and it is always gone away after a day.


We will have to try this again.. maybe after we buy a 2nd spray bottle Smile

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Well Planned Plans Fall Apart

I had great plans for this week!  Lists of things I wanted to get done.  Posts I wanted to put up!  Summer soaking up I wanted to accomplish! 

On Tuesday night Tim and I decided to tackle one of our deep cleaning projects.  We were going to try and clean out our dryer vent that runs under the house.  I had read online that you can sometimes do this with a leaf blower.  A few weeks ago we borrowed my parents leaf blower to give it a shot.

Tim was disconnecting the dryer in the laundry room and I went outside to take the cover off the dryer vent.  Once the dryer vent was off Tim and I were using our cell phones as walkie talkies.  He tried and not much at all came out.  He tried a different way to do it and a few things came FLYING out.  I didn’t want the lint to go all over our neighbor’s yard (probably because they were watching out their bedroom window.. no I am not kidding).  So I went to get closer to the vent and stepped on a rusty nail… in crocs.. meanwhile Tim is running the leaf blower and doesn’t hear me yelling to turn it off (it was pretty funny actually).  He finally turns it off and has no idea that I have been yelling and he immediately asks if we got anything out.. which we didn’t. 

So in I came to see how bad my foot was.. It could have been much much worse but it definitely punctured my foot.  I soaked it in salt water and cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and bandaged it up.  Yesterday after a call to my doctor’s office that confirmed I hadn’t had a tetanus shot in 5 years I made an appointment with the nurse to get the shot.  I sat with my foot up as much as possible yesterday and got my tetanus shot!

Yesterday my foot was pretty sore.. I joked and told Tim it felt like I stepped on a nail!  Today my foot is feeling much better.. more like a deep bruise to which I am thankful!

So now to get some new priorities set.. and I realized that the deep cleaning might have to wait in order to soak up the last few days of summer.  The finger prints on the china cabinet glass will be there to work on.. but running through the sprinkler, swimming with friends, and eating ice cream need to happen before the summer is over!  I am thankful for the change of perspective and the realization of what is really important.  Next time I hope I can be sensitive to what is really important without having to step on a rusty nail!

Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week’s Goals and Menu Plan

I have a ton of things I would like to get done this week.  I have been wanting to do some monthly goals on the blog for a while now.  However, its the middle of the month and I need some motivation/accountability now! Smile with tongue out So with out further ado my goals for this week!

  1. Finish deep cleaning the “dinning room” area
  2. Create lesson plans through week 12
  3. Maintain the rooms I have deep cleaned
  4. Setup the “school room”
  5. Work on 3 things on the summer bucket list
  6. Get in 4 walks this week
  7. Visit with lots of friends before things get busy with school and fall sports
  8. Deep clean the coat closet
  9. Create meal plan for the week.. I think I will throw that on the end of this post Smile with tongue out
  10. Enjoy the cooler weather this week by being outside!

Monday: sandwiches

Tuesday: Tim has band practice this night so Sammy and I will be having grilled cheese (fancy I know Winking smile)

Wednesday: Honey Mustard Tilapia, steamed veggies and rice (roll over from the weekend)

Thursday: I have bible study this night I am bringing fruit

Friday: Burgers (spicy black bean) for Tim and I and a hot dog for Sammy.

Saturday: Grilled chicken (I will marinate it in Italian seasoning)

Sunday: Tim has a gig this day so we will get something out that night

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menu Plan… Tuesday?

I fell of bandwagon on posting our menu.  That was okay for a while because I was still planning them!  Then I fell off that wagon as well.  So I am going to start posting them again to get back into the habit of creating them. 

Tuesday: Tim has bible study tonight so Sammy and I will be going very gourmet with Macaroni and Cheese.

Wednesday: Creamy Italian Chicken – double batch some for us and some for a friend that just had her 3rd baby.

Thursday: Tim and Sammy leftovers, I have bible study this night so I will be making dessert

Friday: Sloppy Joes – First Redskin’s game of the season Smile 

Saturday: Honey Mustard Tilapia, steamed veggies and rice

Sunday: something quick Tim and I are helping with a concert at church that night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Bucket List Update–August 8th

  1. Lots of backyard swimming
  2. Lake trips
  3. Sidewalk chalk
  4. Sidewalk painting with liquid chalk
  5. Water painting
  6. Camping
  7. Create my homemade Christmas gift list
  8. Complete half of my list (see #7)
  9. Fire pit nights
  10. Create a family game night – hopefully we can keep it up
  11. Big beach trip (end of summer finale)
  12. Do some purging of stuff – in process
  13. Create a weekly at home  date night in for Tim and I – have a plan for this so I am marking it off
  14. Have a water activity day with friends
  15. Have a messy activity day with friends
  16. picnic at a park – this actually happened a while ago I just forgot to mark it off Smile
  17. make popsicles
  18. pick some fruit (blueberries, peaches or something like that)
  19. fly a kite
  20. Go to the farmers market
  21. Watch fireworks
  22. Lots of crafts
  23. Make a meal in the sun
  24. Take Nicia to see the last Harry Potter movie
  25. Go to the Aquarium (during beach trip)
  26. Play putt putt (also during beach trip)
  27. Go to a movie
  28. Library reading program
  29. Library story hours (try and make a bunch of these)
  30. Get a swing set and set it up – so close to being complete
  31. Join the Children's museum again
  32. Make homemade ice cream
  33. Vacation Bible School
  34. Go see Cars 2
  35. Go to $1 movie at the theater
  36. Ride on the tube at the lake
  37. Go to a lawn party
  38. Make 10 things from our silly concoctions book
  39. Ride a train
  40. Go get ice cream cones
  41. Visit a new to us playground
  42. Go swimming at Sammy’s cousin’s pool
  43. Picnic in the backyard and read books
  44. Visit the Air and Space museum in northern VA
  45. Feed the ducks
  46. Play in the sprinkler
  47. Lots of bike riding on Sammy’s balance bike (we temporarily modified his bike)
  48. Eat each meal outside in one day
  49. Start a savings, spend, give piggy bank with Sammy
  50. Make popsicles!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Smiley Guy

I found this picture on my camera when I finally cleaned the pictures off and had to share it! Love that smile!! :-)DSC_0331

Curriculum Choices

Not Back to School Blog Hop


I wanted to get up what we are doing for school next year with Sammy.  What a better way to do it than the Not Back-To-School Blog Hop over at heart of the matter!  My post is a little late in the week but better late than never Smile.  So without further ado our plans for preschool this year:

DSC_0357Main Curriculum:

-Before Five in a Row

Language (Daily)

- Language Lessons for Little Ones (Volume 1)

Math (Daily)

-Kumon My Book Of Numbers 1-30

-Big Preschool Workbook

-Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

-We will also be doing a lot of counting and math activities from various preschool websites.  I will compile a list of our favorites at the bottom of this post!

Science (Bi- Weekly)

-How to Do Science Experiments with Children – I picked out one of these for each week.  I don’t really expect Sammy to understand the why or how of these but I think he will find them fun!  I am hoping that I get the Science Experiments for Young Learners, Grades K-2for next year!

-The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions

Handwriting (Daily)

-Kumon My First Book Of Uppercase Letters

-Various printables for pre-writing and writing

-Big Preschool Workbook

-Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

Bible (Daily)

-Positive Action Preschool – Exploring God’s Love – this will be the bulk of our learning

-Character Concepts for Preschoolers – we will be using this to work on some problem areas and to help us all memorize some more scripture.

Reading (Daily)

-Before Five in a Row- read aloud stories and whatever else book Sammy brings over for me to read Winking smile

-All About Reading Level Pre-1 – I haven’t ordered this yet but I fell in love with it at Jolanthe’s house and can’t wait to get it here!


-Get Ready for the Code - Book A

-We will see what the next year holds.  If Sammy is ready to learn to read I will be looking for some good early readers.  We do have a few little sets from the local bookfair that will hold us over!

Art (bi-weekly)

-Whatever season art ideas I plan or things to go along with our BFIAR books Smile

Technology (Daily)

- My husband and I are both very technical and we want to install that into Sammy as well (if he is interested.. which it seems like he is).  So for each of the above areas I will be including something to do on the computer.  Also teaching him some basic terms and computer skills.  Some of those ideas are:


-Rosetta Stone Spanish (LA)

-Typing his name

-Jumpstart Advanced Preschool

Additional Resources:

-Homeschool Creations


-Confessions of a Homeschooler

-Musings of Me

-2 Teaching Mommies

-Totally Tots


-Delightful Learning 

Whew that is quite a post.  We will see how much of this we actually accomplish!  My only goal this year is to have fun and for Sammy to fall in love with learning!  He is only 4 and most of the things he learns he learns through play and having fun!  If you have a child in this age range what are your plans for this year?  Give me a link or a comment I would love to see what you are up to!

When Cousins come to Town

Everyone has to hold the new baby and take lots of pictures Smile I am not sure what Sammy was scowling about.. I think it was that it wasn’t his turn to hold his baby cousin!


Kylee and Sammy had a lot of fun pretending to sleep on our floor!


What a proud auntie Smile


This is a terrible picture of Tim but he was there too! Making some hamburgers for the grill:


We filled up the pool for the big kids to take a little dip:


Sammy pushing Kylee around in the car:


Testing out the pool.. it was a little cold but they had fun anyway:


Sammy had a blast looking for things in his Cars Look and Find Book with Aunt Lisa, Kylee and Uncle Dave:


Kira did a lot of this:


After lunch and hanging out we were off to the butterfly exhibit!


I had to post this even though it was really blurry.. Tim holding baby Kira:


Sammy showing me his butterfly stamp:


Kylee and Sammy taking in the butterflies:


This sweet boy offered to give Sammy the one he was holding. You dipped your finger in the nectar then the butterflies would drink it off your finger. So they would climb over onto your finger. Sammy was patient with this. We however, almost killed one when it flew away because Sammy tried to catch it! Woops!!


Sammy could have spend all day in there with the butterflies!! I think we will have to try and catch a caterpillar and watch it change to a butterfly. My animal and bug loving boy would be in heaven!


Sammy trying to get his own butterfly to crawl onto his finger:




Kira even got in on the butterfly action Winking smile


Sammy thought this was hilarious! Love this picture because he is laughing hysterically in excitement (both feet off the ground):


These two beautiful ones didn’t want to come down low enough for anyone to catch them:


Me and Kira hanging out:


Those eyes melt my heart:


Next up checking out the rest of the place.. riding horse swings with cousins is always fun:


Checking out the tubes with Uncle Dave:


Petting the bunny.. yes his arm is through a fence and chicken wire:


This guy was like a pet dog.. he just wanted to be petted and snuggled:


Sammy was more than willing to pet him:


Last up was racing ducks with a manual water pump:


The butterfly exhibit was at the greenhouse that we go to for some fall fun. It however wasn’t as good in the Spring for this as it was in the fall. We still had a blast and got our money’s worth!