Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4th of July

Better late than never! For the 4th of July we went to the lake. We got to watch my dad swim across the lake! This was the first year he has done that and it was so much fun! We all swam at the main beach which always reminds Tim and I of our wedding (its where we left our reception from).

After that we went back to my parents house ate a HUGE lunch and relaxed some (it was a really hot day).

When it started to get dark we all headed to the boat to watch the fireworks from the water. We popped some popcorn and headed out.

Sammy chowing down on some popcorn:


Love these guys so much:


We anchored the boat and waited for the fireworks to start! Sammy took a picture with Gigi and Pop Pop:


This is how Sammy chose to watch the fireworks.. eventually he took his hands down for a little while:


A couple of firework pictures.. you can see some of the other boats in the water:


We had a total blast and can’t wait to do it again.. now that we know the Dramamine will keep me from getting sick!