Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week’s Goals and Menu Plan

I have a ton of things I would like to get done this week.  I have been wanting to do some monthly goals on the blog for a while now.  However, its the middle of the month and I need some motivation/accountability now! Smile with tongue out So with out further ado my goals for this week!

  1. Finish deep cleaning the “dinning room” area
  2. Create lesson plans through week 12
  3. Maintain the rooms I have deep cleaned
  4. Setup the “school room”
  5. Work on 3 things on the summer bucket list
  6. Get in 4 walks this week
  7. Visit with lots of friends before things get busy with school and fall sports
  8. Deep clean the coat closet
  9. Create meal plan for the week.. I think I will throw that on the end of this post Smile with tongue out
  10. Enjoy the cooler weather this week by being outside!

Monday: sandwiches

Tuesday: Tim has band practice this night so Sammy and I will be having grilled cheese (fancy I know Winking smile)

Wednesday: Honey Mustard Tilapia, steamed veggies and rice (roll over from the weekend)

Thursday: I have bible study this night I am bringing fruit

Friday: Burgers (spicy black bean) for Tim and I and a hot dog for Sammy.

Saturday: Grilled chicken (I will marinate it in Italian seasoning)

Sunday: Tim has a gig this day so we will get something out that night