Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visiting Cousins Part 1

Last month we took a little mini car trip to visit Tim’s brother and his family.  We had fun playing with our nieces and I know Sammy had fun playing with his cousins.  Well playing with one and holding the other cutie!

This is in two parts because Tim, Sammy and Uncle Dave went to visit a museum and took the small camera and I haven’t pulled those pictures off yet Smile 

Kylee and Sammy playing with the big ball:


I tried coaxing a smile out of her but this was the best I could get Smile


I think we might need to blow up our balance ball Sammy had a blast bouncing on this:


Sammy holding his newest cousin:


So he doesn’t look super excited about it but he was taking his job very serious and we couldn’t get him to smile:


Holding baby Kira Smile


Part 2 will be coming tomorrow with the museum trip Smile