Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Well Planned Plans Fall Apart

I had great plans for this week!  Lists of things I wanted to get done.  Posts I wanted to put up!  Summer soaking up I wanted to accomplish! 

On Tuesday night Tim and I decided to tackle one of our deep cleaning projects.  We were going to try and clean out our dryer vent that runs under the house.  I had read online that you can sometimes do this with a leaf blower.  A few weeks ago we borrowed my parents leaf blower to give it a shot.

Tim was disconnecting the dryer in the laundry room and I went outside to take the cover off the dryer vent.  Once the dryer vent was off Tim and I were using our cell phones as walkie talkies.  He tried and not much at all came out.  He tried a different way to do it and a few things came FLYING out.  I didn’t want the lint to go all over our neighbor’s yard (probably because they were watching out their bedroom window.. no I am not kidding).  So I went to get closer to the vent and stepped on a rusty nail… in crocs.. meanwhile Tim is running the leaf blower and doesn’t hear me yelling to turn it off (it was pretty funny actually).  He finally turns it off and has no idea that I have been yelling and he immediately asks if we got anything out.. which we didn’t. 

So in I came to see how bad my foot was.. It could have been much much worse but it definitely punctured my foot.  I soaked it in salt water and cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and bandaged it up.  Yesterday after a call to my doctor’s office that confirmed I hadn’t had a tetanus shot in 5 years I made an appointment with the nurse to get the shot.  I sat with my foot up as much as possible yesterday and got my tetanus shot!

Yesterday my foot was pretty sore.. I joked and told Tim it felt like I stepped on a nail!  Today my foot is feeling much better.. more like a deep bruise to which I am thankful!

So now to get some new priorities set.. and I realized that the deep cleaning might have to wait in order to soak up the last few days of summer.  The finger prints on the china cabinet glass will be there to work on.. but running through the sprinkler, swimming with friends, and eating ice cream need to happen before the summer is over!  I am thankful for the change of perspective and the realization of what is really important.  Next time I hope I can be sensitive to what is really important without having to step on a rusty nail!