Friday, September 2, 2011

The ABC Bunny

Last week we did our first week of school!  Sammy had a blast (until Friday when he threw up everywhere)!  I am sure I will have less pictures to share as the weeks go by so bear with me this week *wink*.

The things we did for our actual rowing of The ABC Bunny (not including the things in the BFIAR manual).

We made a paper plate bunny using snack plates:


We read the stories and picked out the animals.  We used Homeschool Creations animal classification cards.


We made bunny ears and tails then hopped around:


We made snowballs bunny tails for a snack:


Sammy liked them.. I wasn’t a fan I wanted to make these but I didn’t have enough honey.  Maybe for the next bunny book we row.


We played in our sensory sensory box.  Inside we had a knitted bunny (idea from Delightful Learning pattern from here), gemstones as hail, dyed red alphabet pasta (like the red letters in the book), and letter tiles


We found all of the letters in the pasta and we put them in order:


Sammy loved his bunny:


We had pancakes for dinner and I made bunnies with cookie cutters for Sammy:


We played with the hailstones on one of the Homeschool Creations printables:


For the last time we rolled the dice we used the blue Do-A-Dot markers to make hailstones:


Starting letter page from Homeschool Creations:


Sammy put together his ABC train puzzle :


He also did his bunny pattern blocks:


We also did this activity card:


The other things we did this week were calendar time:


We read about obedience in the character concepts book.  I have decided to nix this off of our plan for this year.  Sammy didn’t love it and I didn’t either:


We learned how to hold our pencil with our grip:


His handwriting is taking off but he is still gaining hand strength.  We don’t do a ton of worksheets or writing so he seems to be enjoying it still:


We colored the different shapes (review):


We had P.E. on our finished swingset.. a post is coming on this I promise!


We worked on lesson one of our bible curriculum.  We are loving this but I definitely need to work on my prep before hand (just reading the stories and gathering materials):


We worked on letter A and B in All About Reading:


We played with our water balloon yo-yo (separate post coming on this as well):


We experimented with surface tension with our science lesson (not sure what face he is making in this picture).  I will be sharing more about science in the coming weeks.  But for last week we filled a bowl all the way up then added pennies until it overflowed:


We also read our other ABC books along with The ABC Bunny.  Here are our go along books:

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