Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AB~CD–Alternative title–My Dad Rocks

A few weeks ago our church band opened up for Sidewalk Prophets.  Sammy had a lot of fun helping to set up.. the actual concert was a little loud for his sensitive ears but he loved watching Tim from afar!  Here are a few pictures from the day! 
The concert was a free event and there was a bunch of vendors handing things out.  Like these free sunglasses:
And snow cones:
There was defiantly a scramble to get everything setup on time.. and Tim says the messy stage bothers him.. but I couldn’t miss out sharing some fun pictures that my friend Kate took for me since Sammy wouldn’t get this close to the speakers Smile with tongue out
Left to right: Chad, Tim and Gabe
Cameron and the additional band member for the day.. the fire hydrant Winking smile
Left to right: Chad, Tim, Cameron, Gabe and Benji
You guys sounded amazing and we had a lot of fun listening to you!
Cameron getting into Just the Beginning:
Tim loves this song and I love seeing him in his element: