Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Bucket List

I had so much fun with the Summer Bucket List I wanted to make one for the Fall.  I am sure it wont be as long as the summer one! 

  1. Pick Apples
  2. Camping
  3. Fire pit
  4. Cook a meal over the fire
  5. Pumpkin picking
  6. Go to the big farm for fall fun
  7. Go to the Frontier Agricultural Museum
  8. Make some Thanksgiving name cards
  9. Get Christmas shopping done before the end of November
  10. Make some Fall crafts with Sammy
  11. Make some Halloween crafts with Sammy
  12. Make some Thanksgiving crafts with Sammy
  13. Finish at least  half of the homemade gift list by the end of November
  14. Have the supplies for all the other homemade gifts by end of November
  15. Finish purging things from the house
  16. Decorate for Fall
  17. Make apple Pie
  18. Make pumpkin Pie
  19. Make pumpkin bread
  20. Make apple crisp