Friday, September 9, 2011

Going on a Bear Hunt

Last week we rowed going on a bear hunt and we had a blast.  I didn’t take as many pictures this week.  But we did do 4 full days of school and Sammy really loved rowing this book!  Going on a Bear Hunt has been a favorite of Sammy’s and he loved reading it each day.  Here is the dump from the week from my camera (I didn’t organize it based on the activity we did) it is more just in order of what we did each day that I was able to get a picture of> 

Putting the bear caves in order from 1-20.  Sammy did well until we got to number 15 but he got better each time we did this.  Once the caves were in order I hid a bear under one and Sammy guessed numbers until he found it:


Getting the bear to the cave:


We found the different animals in the book and he placed the animal classification cards onto the animals.  Sammy loved reading the facts on the cards this week.  While we were at the beach Sammy was able to identify the the seagulls and sandpipers after doing this exercise last week.  (yes, we have been gone all week.. I had posts scheduled for you guys *wink*):


Writing letters in his paint bag.  We used this to practice letters C and D for All About Reading and for writing his name:


We pulled a few resources from the Homeschool Share’s lapboook.  We did the over, under, through part:


Our science this week was again on water cohesion.  I don’t expect Sammy to gain much from these exercises but just to expose him to doing experiments and having fun with science.  This week we pulled a water droplet through a maze on a piece of wax paper.  We were suppose to use a toothpick we however didn’t have any.  We did however have some wooden stakes and that worked well!


Sammy continues to LOVE our positive action bible curriculum.  We worked on lesson two which was the rest of creation and the fall.  Sammy loved gluing all of the animals onto his workbook page:


Sammy loved gluing the chocolate chips onto his letter C cookie from All About Reading.. even if he thought it was a yucky cookie Winking smile (Sammy doesn’t like chocolate).


We made long wavy grass!  Sammy cut the strips and we rolled them on a pencil to make them wavy:


We finger painted a deep cold river:


We counted bears up to 20.  This is an insert for our education cubes after we rolled the dice we pulled them out of the cubes and counted the bears then rolled again!


We did some some shapes review worksheets.  I love the concentration on Sammy’s face:


We loved this game from Jolanthe and played several times: 


We did the story sequencing from Homeschool Share (link above):


Matching animals to where they live:


We colored some pages from scholastic.. can you tell which one I colored and which one Sammy colored Winking smile


We also did the activities out of the Before Five in a Row manual.  We ate teddy grahams as our special treat for the row.  We also learned the Teddy Bear Teddy Bear rhyme.  We also watched Michael Rosen reading/acting out the story!  Sammy really though this was a fun computer time activity we picked Smile