Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Swing Set is finished!

We finished up our swing set and Sammy has been having a blast playing on it!  Tim worked so hard to get this swing set up and running and we are so thankful to have it! 

Sammy from the look out tower:


Going down the slide (all of that scrap wood is now gone this was just after I was finished and we held on to everything in case we needed it):


He is getting the hang (no pun intended) of the rings:


The swings are probably the biggest hit:


You can see we have a picnic bench on there for eating lunch we are deciding on whether to put up the canopy for it. 

We were gifted this swing set through Tim’s sister.  We added on a few things and replaced a few things but it certainly didn’t cost us as much as a new one!  Thanks again Smile