Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homemade Stickers

A while back we made some stickers with our Kid concoctions book. It was sticky and didn’t turn out real great.. but I have some suggestions to improve these if you want to do them yourself. First here is how you make them:

  1. Mix 2 TBSP hot water (I just got hot water running out of the tap) and 1 TBSP flavored jello
  2. Stir until the jello dissolves
  3. Brush onto your the pictures you want to turn into stickers
  4. Let the pages dry
  5. Cut the stickers apart
  6. Lick them and stick them on paper

I made pages of clip art of McQueen and Spiderman and printed those out. Sammy brushed the jello on the back of those pages. Now a few notes to improve your stickers over mine.

  • Print your clip art onto card stuck so it doesn’t wrinkle and show the color of the jello through the paper
  • Have your child spread the jello out on the page it doesn’t need to be as thick as Sammy put it on in the below picture.. but if you use card stock you probably wouldn’t have issues if they put to much on:


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