Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Science Fun

So we did an experiment to see if water would make paper stick together. First we stacked two pieces of paper on top of each other. Then we picked up the top paper to see if they stuck together (they didn’t).


Next we got the top the wet and rubbed the water around:


Next we tried to pick up just the top paper again. But they stuck together. This has to do with water cohesion which I didn’t try and explain but just let Sammy have fun experimenting:


Next we did a physics lesson about how objects at rest will stay at rest. Obviously this is over Sammy’s head but he thought it was neat! I asked him what would happen to the penny if I flicked the card (see picture below). He said it would go flying. He was totally surprised when the penny dropped into the cup:


Sammy wanted to try it too but it was a little hard to flick the card straight out and not up: