Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Bucket List Update–11/28/11

Next week will be my last update on the Fall Bucket List!  Lets see if I can cross off a few more before then Smile

  1. Pick Apples
  2. Camping – I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to happen! It got cold here before we got a chance to do it!
  3. Fire pit
  4. Cook a meal over the fire
  5. Pumpkin picking
  6. Go to the big farm for fall fun
  7. Go to the Frontier Agricultural Museum
  8. Make some Thanksgiving name cards – was going to do this but we got sick so we didn’t need them anymore Smile with tongue out Maybe we can do this for Christmas!
  9. Get Christmas shopping done before the end of November – even closer.. I think I should be able to finish tomorrow!
  10. Make three Fall crafts with Sammy
  11. Make three Halloween crafts with Sammy
  12. Make three Thanksgiving crafts with Sammy  - we made one Sad smile
  13. Finish at least half of the homemade gift list by the end of November – getting pretty close to finishing this
  14. Have the supplies for all the other homemade gifts by end of November – should be able to finish tomorrow!
  15. Finish purging things from the house – one room to go!
  16. Decorate for Fall
  17. Make apple Pie
  18. Make pumpkin dessert
  19. Make pumpkin scones
  20. Make apple crisp
  21. Take pictures in a pile of leaves
  22. Go Trick or Treating
  23. Cook a pumpkin and make puree
  24. Finish our 2,000 piece puzzle – to much crafting going on this will probably roll over to the Spring
  25. Fill our bird feeder and make a 2nd birdfeeder using peanut butter
  26. Make gift tags for presents
  27. Go to the circus
  28. Organize advent activities
  29. Carve a pumpkin
  30. Make chili for the church chili cook-off