Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look

A lot like Christmas!  I have finally determined the best way to get a picture of Sammy.. let him act normal when I pull out the camera:


Then show him the funny pictures he made and I get this beautiful from the inside out smile:


We are doing 31 activities counting down from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Activity one came at a time when we all needed it.  We had missed Thanksgiving #1 and had determined we would miss #2.. We made Christmas cookies to make us smile:


We are also doing a craft a day until Christmas.  The first craft.. a countdown chain.  Sammy cut almost all of these links himself:


Day 2 activity was decorating and a borax snowflake.. I will show you a picture of it on my tree soon!.  It turned out beautiful!! We used these directions.


Another fun tradition we are doing this year.. 31 books till Christmas!  Sammy gets to unwrap one each night until Christmas.  We then read it, our Jesse tree readings and off to bed!  He gets super excited about opening the books up.. even if they aren’t new ones.  I added a few since last year though Smile 


Day 3 craft was a footprint Christmas tree:


Day 4 craft.. inspired by this


Day 6 a Christmas wreath (excuse the flower on the table we were working on cookies).. inspired by this: