Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We had the pleasure of going to a little tree farm close to our house again this year to cut down our Christmas tree. Sammy had so much fun looking for the perfect tree.. he actually pointed out several real great tress. A few were too big for what we wanted but they looked great. Love this picture of my guys off looking for the perfect tree:


We found the tree! A little small and just perfect for the space we wanted to put it:


Cutting down the tree:


This picture melts my heart.. he was a little intimidated at first but he got in there to help cut it down:


Dragging our tree back to the car:


Picture perfect tree cutting down day:


Maybe this will be our tree one year:


Look.. I went too:


So the question.. real tree.. fake tree? Which do you like better?Also check out my book giveaway.. these books are amazing!