Friday, January 13, 2012

Preschool Corner - Sand Art

In Sammy’s stocking this year he got these super cute sand art pictures.  It came with 3 cards and 3 different colors of sand.  We set to work on these the day after Christmas.  Sammy was still recovering from an ear infection, pink eye, and an allergic reaction to pink eye so this seemed like a great activity to get into the day after Christmas. 

To get started we spread out our pictures and picked the one we wanted to do first.  I also opened the sand and put it into individual bowls so it wouldn’t spill and we could dump the excess sand back into the bowl.  This wasn’t a super messy craft and Sammy certainly could of done it by himself.  He however wanted to make it a surprise for Daddy and wanted me to help Smile


So you peel off one little sticker at a time.  You then sprinkle the colored sand on top and it sticks to the spot where the paper was.  Dump off the extra and pick a new section to peel off:


Pose with the finished picture:


These were quick, easy and pretty low mess!  I will definitely buy some more of these for Sammy to work on in the future!

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