Friday, December 9, 2011

Preschool Corner–Gingerbread Baby

Last week we did a gingerbread baby theme! Sammy loves this book and the printables that Jolanthe made to go along with the book were a huge hit!

We read through the book several times during the week. Here Sammy is pointing out some of the animals (he has food in his mouth):


He LOVED putting the gingerbread baby in the gingerbread house (yes he is wearing a Halloween shirt doing Christmas activities.. thankfully you can’t see his mismatched pants in these pictures Winking smile):


‘Reading’ the Eat a Ginger Bread baby book:


Being a goof.. We hadn’t done size sorting in a while so I printed that out to make sure he still knew how to do it. Sammy is wearing his super cute gingerbread boy shirt my Mom made him!


Matching the pattern I made (we did several rounds of this):


We found all of the animals in the book and put them in order:


We played a competitive game of candyland (it might be the first time I have ever won that game):


Then using the candyland pieces we played the Gingerbread Baby board game:


We have plans to make a gingerbread house and some gingerbread boys and girls. Those will fall into our 31 days of Christmas activities.

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