Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Day

After our family time on Christmas morning we drove over to Tim’s parents to celebrate with his family.  This year was much smaller than ones in the past.  One of his sisters and her husband were unable to come up because they were about to close on a house and move.  We also missed out on seeing Uncle Dave, Aunt Lisa, and cousins Kylee and Kira on Christmas Eve because Sammy had pink eye and we didn’t want to give it to them. 

Everyone else said they didn’t mind if we came over so we risked spreading the germs and enjoyed Christmas Day with family!  Tim’s Mom opening a gift from us:



Sammy opened some presents and was in great spirits despite the fact that he was having an allergic reaction to the pink eye drops.. check out those cheeks:


Tim’s Dad getting some help unwrapping his presents:


The hat I made:


Reatha got some much needed socks that she had been talking about Smile 


Beautiful wrap job:


Rachel with her presents.. patiently waiting and even volunteered to be last (and my toes Winking smile)


Pretty much all of Sammy’s appetite that day was that delicious biscuit:


Nicia patiently waiting to open presents… we went in reverse order this year (minus Sammy) since she didn’t want Christmas to be over so soon!


I made everyone ornaments this year (we draw names) and Reatha was pretending to be surprised by hers:


I got some great pyrex dishes with lids and a cordless kettle:


Nicia ripping into her presents:


Greg excited about his GPS:


Sammy watching Aunt Rachel open one her gifts from us:


Super cute rain boots:


Rachel with her new shirt and a box full of Almond Joys:


Rachel with her other gift from us:


Super long scarf:


Nicia had Rachel’s cell phone and was texting a bunch.. here she is trying to hid her text message from Tim Winking smile 


We had an amazing Christmas!  Sammy was under the weather but really was a great sport!  Later that day we went to the girls house and had an amazing dinner (after a small kitchen disaster Winking smile)!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Preschool Corner - Sand Art

In Sammy’s stocking this year he got these super cute sand art pictures.  It came with 3 cards and 3 different colors of sand.  We set to work on these the day after Christmas.  Sammy was still recovering from an ear infection, pink eye, and an allergic reaction to pink eye so this seemed like a great activity to get into the day after Christmas. 

To get started we spread out our pictures and picked the one we wanted to do first.  I also opened the sand and put it into individual bowls so it wouldn’t spill and we could dump the excess sand back into the bowl.  This wasn’t a super messy craft and Sammy certainly could of done it by himself.  He however wanted to make it a surprise for Daddy and wanted me to help Smile


So you peel off one little sticker at a time.  You then sprinkle the colored sand on top and it sticks to the spot where the paper was.  Dump off the extra and pick a new section to peel off:


Pose with the finished picture:


These were quick, easy and pretty low mess!  I will definitely buy some more of these for Sammy to work on in the future!

I am linking this up to Preschool Corner, TGIF, and Fun Stuff Fridays.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Morning

I have no idea how to write posts like this without tons of pictures!  So here you go.. Christmas morning in pictures with a few words throughout! Coming down the hall way to see what was under the tree:


Yay stockings!!


Checking out his stocking.  Sammy was so super sweet.. each thing he pulled out he was super excited about and just loved!  Including strawberry toothpaste (it was all he ever wanted (this was said more times then I can count)):


His poor chapped cheeks from the pink eye medicine:


Eating pez while Mommy and Daddy opened their stockings:


Tipsy checking out her stocking stuffers (squeaky tennis balls and treats):


Present time!  Cars game box:


Sammy with his presents.. we said he could start opening but he was busy playing his tablet Winking smile:


A jump rope.. this was the only thing Sammy asked for.  He love sit and can jump rope one jump at a time.. not bad for a four year old:


Hanging his snowman ornament I hand painted:


Opening a present from Uncle Dave, Aunt Lisa, and cousins Kylee and Kira:


Giving me a thumbs up:


Someone wanted to be the center of attention:


My little leftie was super excited about his glove:


Opening his big gift.. a bass headphone amp:


Sammy’s phone (yes it is real.. but it doesn’t have a contract or a way to dial 911.. we loaded it up with games so we don’t have to let him use ours all the time Smile with tongue out)


Playing a game with Daddy:


The family gift: