Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan and Goals


-Breakfast: Orange Cinnamon Rolls (don’t be too impressed they are from a can Winking smile)

- Lunch: leftover Mac and Cheese

-Dinner: Chicken Tortilla Soup


- Breakfast: I am working in the office this day so something quick on the way out of the house

-Lunch: leftovers

-Dinner: Breakfast for dinner – pancakes, bacon, and eggs


- Breakfast: Toast and fruit

-Lunch:  leftover pancakes

-Dinner: chicken pot pie


- Breakfast: Cereal and Milk

-Lunch: egg salad sandwiches and fruit

-Dinner: creamy chicken taquitos, rice, and steamed veggies


- Breakfast: muffins and fruit

-Lunch: PB  & J sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit

-Dinner: Chili – I hope to post my recipe soon Smile


- Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole – We didn’t make this for Christmas since we were all sick so I saved it until we were feeling better Smile

-Lunch: leftovers and gingerbread cookies we never got a chance to bake

-Dinner: Lasagna


- Breakfast: cereal and milk

-Lunch: left over lasagna

-Dinner:  Bible Study – I haven’t heard the theme yet but we will bring a dish for this Smile


In this section is where I will be writing little mini goals for each week.  I hope these will allow me to hit the big goals I set for myself this year.  You can read about those goals here.  Inspired by Chrystal at Money Saving Mom I will be posting these goals each week and how I did on them.  Let me know if these posts get boring.. I am mostly doing them for me.. so feel free to skip them too Smile with tongue out

1.Start back up with our preschool plans

2. Get outside for at least 15 minutes everyday

3. Go to bed no later than 11 pm every night

4. Drink 64 ounces of water a day

5. Start bible reading plan

6.  Purge old coupons and re-vamp organization of coupons

7. Start flylady cleaning.. again Smile thanks for the reminder Davene

8. Make dinners I have planned out for each night.

9.  Keep reading Game of Thrones

10. Work on our 2,000 piece puzzle