Thursday, January 5, 2012

Other Advent Fun

We did some super fun things to countdown to Christmas.  Most didn’t get documented or have pictures taken.. here are a few that made it to the camera Winking smile

Candy cane pizza (use your imagination):


We all got in on decorating the gingerbread house:


The master decorator.. he may or may not have licked some of the candy before sticking it to the house Winking smile 


He was much more into this than years past!  We will have to do one again next year:


Some other things we did that weren’t pictured:

  • spent a day in our jammies
  • went grocery shopping with a Santa hat on
  • put money in the salvation army pot
  • decorated the back door with gel clings

Sammy was very into all things Christmas this year and I ate up ever second of it!