Friday, March 30, 2012

Preschool Corner–Dr. Seuss

Since it is now almost April and Dr. Seuss’ birthday is the beginning of the month we will consider this post early for next year Winking smile 

I haven’t been taking as many pictures of our preschool time lately.  I did get a couple of pictures of our time from the beginning of the month! 

Sammy did a fun matching game with a magnifying glass.  He had to look at the small picture and match it up with the bigger version.  I printed these from Kelly’s Kindergarten and Sammy loved the fruit matching the most!


Sammy did several different Dr. Seuss printables from all over the web.  I have linked to the ones we used at the bottom of the post.  I can’t tell in all of the pictures which printable is from which wonderful resource but I will share the ones we used.

Same size matching this was something new for Sammy and he really liked the difference!


I am not sure he will ever get sick of do a dot pages! 


Finding upper and lowercase Hs:


Some simple addition.  We worked the problems with crayons so we could count out the problems:


Cutting practice then directional words:


Sammy has been working through the Funnix reading program and he has been loving it!  We are now on lesson 19.  We haven’t been doing it everyday but almost every weekday:


Dr. Seuss Printables:

2 Teaching Mommies


Living Life Intentionally

Our Little Monkeys

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