Monday, March 19, 2012

Well Hello There

I feel like I should introduce myself to you all!  Hi my name is Lindsay and I took a bloggy break.  Life is busy and I didn’t feel like putting thoughts to paper the screen. 
Since I haven’t blogged in a while and since I haven’t dumped picture off of my phone.. I give you random phone contents.  I do hope to do a better job of blogging with the photos from my phone.  We will see how that goes Smile with tongue out
Tim and I playing Rivals for Catan:
This is a logic puzzle at Tim’s sisters’ house, we have all tried to solve it without much luck.  After looking for the solution in google images we solved it and took a picture for future reference:
My little south paw playing tball in the backyard:
We still love playing with our Stomp Rocket:
The wreath I made for Valentine’s day.  It may or may not still be hanging on the front door Smile with tongue out I used this tutorial for the flowers.. they didn’t turn out perfect but I liked the result Smile
The big cousins playing in Ellie’s bounce house:
The biggest cousins playing boy toys:
Melty snowmen cookies for the super bowl inspired by this:
Sammy watching the big game:
Homemade soft pretzels with friends.  Sammy made his name:
Because he is super handsome Smile:
The puzzle is coming along from your last update:
At the arboretum feeding the ducks and fish with friends (Sammy has on the blue coat):
Taking a walk on a warm winter day:
Dressed up like a hunter and enjoying yet another warm winter day:
We spent the month of January and half of February battling these chapped lips until my Dad reminded me of the miracle Eight Hour Cream (its pricey but works fast and doesn’t sting or smell to bad):
Tim unboxing a bunch of new sound equipment for our church.  We are moving to a new building and had to reconfigure everything so we can setup and tear down each week:
This made my heart happy.. Sammy asked to for blocks during quite time one day.  Then called me to come look.  I was glad that I actually came to see what he had done:
Not a bad castle for two tiny plastic bears:
Sammy at a birthday party.. he loved the cheese balls and the vanilla icing that he licked off of the chocolate cupcake Smile with tongue out
Playing putt putt inside.  This place has a night when you can play with black lights:
Getting further:
The green is done:
Sammy checking himself out on the TV screen at the Children’s Museum:
He at some point during a visit has to sit on the tractor:
And drive an ambulance:
Fixing the muffler on the pretend car.. Gigi and Pop Pop he kept pretending this was your car.. I hope you don’t have exhaust issues soon Smile with tongue out
Last night I went to our church’s band’s cd release party.  We weren’t allowed to bring our coffee into the bar.. So we had to sit out with the kegs and finish it Smile with tongue out
So I promise I am back but was glad for a little break!  I hope you guys didn’t miss me to much Smile