Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 questions answered

A while ago my friend Terra tagged me in post.  I have to answer her 11 questions and then tag 11 people and post 11 questions.  I am going to change up the rules some.. because that is how I am Smile with tongue out but more on that in a little while! My answers are in bold after the questions!

1. Snowballs or Beach Balls and why... Beach balls – that means I am somewhere warm enough to swim and I LOVE water!  I do however like the snow but not anywhere close to the amount that I like to swim.
2. The first time I heard Miranda Lambert sing "the house that built me" I immediately thought of.... My grandparents house.  They lived in the same house the whole time we grew up and it was the staple in our lives.  My sister and I went and spent a long time there every summer and loved it.  I wrote about that a little bit here.
3. A night out with friends in a crowded place or a night by the fire with a good book? A good book by the fire!  I love hanging out with people but I prefer a smaller setting that is quite and not crowded. But I love reading and if I had a fire place I would love it even more Smile
4. Night Owl or Early Bird or both? Hmm I guess this is a relative question.  I naturally stay up later than Tim but I don’t stay up real late.. I do know I am not a morning person.. I need some quite first thing in the morning and don’t try and talk to me before I go to the bathroom!
5. Now I lay me down to sleep and with me I will take... my ear plugs!  I need quite when I sleep.. and time needs to snore when he sleeps.. for Christmas I got ear plugs in my stocking! I don’t wear them every night or all night.. just when I am really tired and having a hard time falling asleep!
6. The Life of Pi - read it and loved it, read it and didn't love it, couldn't finish it or never heard of it, I thought I would love it.. I bought it.. and it promptly sat on my bookshelf since then.. so should I read it?
7. Who said "Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you." and why would I love that quote? A.A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh) .. I had to look it up to be sure.. but I was pretty sure that is who it was! Hmm not sure why you would love that quote.. maybe because you like to listen to lyrics and find ones that capture you..
8. Big Salad or Juicy Steak? hmm neither really.  How about a steak with a house salad.. if I had to pick one to eat forever over the other I would pick steak.  
9. If you tickle me I will... probably give you a black eye trying to wiggle away..  If I am laying down I will also get the hiccups.. it happens to Sammy too!
10. Given a do over I would... not use it.  I haven’t always made the best decisions in life but I have learned from them and grown.  If I didn’t make the mistakes I did I would have made different ones and I am not sure that would have been better.. it could have been worse Smile
11. I wonder what happened to.....Harry Potter.. I get so into characters lives I wonder what happens to them after the stories end!

So my made up rules.. I am going to post 11 questions and anyone can answer them.. you can answer them in the comments or in a post just send me a link so I can read the answers!

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. Which do you like the least cleaning the bathroom or doing yard work?
  3. What is your favorite gadget?
  4. If you had to do one or the other would you sky dive or go spelunking?
  5. Dog, cat, no pet, or some other pet?
  6. e-reader or real book?
  7. What is your favorite season and why?
  8. What is your favorite thing to do on Friday night?
  9. Android, iPhone, or dumb phone?
  10. What is your favorite childhood toy?
  11. What is your favorite music genre?