Wednesday, April 11, 2012

29 Sounds Old

I can’t believe that I am 29 years old!  That number sounds old to me!  I feel like I just graduated from college!  I am sure next year will seem even weirder to me!

I had a hard time coming up with any idea for this years birthday post.  I have written previous birthday posts at 28, 27, 26, and 25.  This year I decided to highlight my favorite post from each month of my 28th year of life.

April 2011 – Sammy’s Birthday post from last year.  The pictures in that post bring back wonderful memories of celebrating his birthday!  The words in the post still spring true and I feel like we are seeing even more of that sweet personality!

May 2011 – The first dip of the season – we had such a blast in the pool this past year!  It unfortunately started leaking at the end of the summer and we will have to do something different this year!

June 2011 – This month was a tough pick. I went with Sammy and I’s spur of the moment beach trip!  We had a lot of fun and I would love to do that again sometime!  However a very close 2nd was Sammy’s mural. For a whole different reasons!

July 2011- With out a doubt my favorite moment of July was watching Greg graduate from basic training!  We had a lot of fun getting most of the family together as well!

August 2011- Getting to meet our sweet little nice Kira for the first time! 

September 2011 – the beach trip!  I picked the photo shoot but the whole trip was one I will remember forever!

October 2011 – Apple picking.. I hope to do a better job making this a tradition! However, the fire pit cookout was a lot of fun.

November 2011 – meeting Grace!! What a sweet baby girl she is!  (She was born in October but this is when I got the post up about it)!

December 2011 – Cutting down our Christmas tree!  I love this tradition and I love the sweet little farm we go to now!

January 2012 – I had a hard time with this month.  There were so many amazing Christmas pictures.  I however decided to pick my Handprint Calendar post since I loved how they turned out!

February 2012 – Stomp Rockets in the snow.. how could I not pick this post!

March 2012 – cell phone picture post! I loved seeing the little moments again!  I plan to do these posts month!

I am sure I will share some photos from the birthday celebrations.  Tonight Tim, Sammy and I are going out to dinner Smile