Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Sammy!

Dear Sammy,

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!! You are such a sweet and tenderhearted boy!  I wanted to share some current things about you! You:

  • LOVE to make people laugh
  • are slowly learning how to tell a joke well
  • love to trick and surprise people
  • are still very much an animal lover
  • dislike chocolate
  • haven’t meet a fruit you don’t like
  • still don’t really like for your food to be mixed together
  • aren’t big on meat
  • other than the meat thing you are a great eater
  • love riding your bike and have really gotten the hang of it!
  • want to know what the plan is for the whole day.  You ask what we are doing in the morning as we get ready for bed!
  • want to know if there is bubble pops (bubble wrap) in any package that comes to the house
  • are starting to read and I love hearing you sound words out!
  • enjoy being surprised
  • loved every single one of your birthday gifts
  • had a blast with your special birthday events.  (more on this later)
  • enjoy many different foods but macaroni and cheese has been a favorite for a long time



*well the post is going up a day late but yesterday was jam packed full of really fun activities and I ran out of time to get it published*