Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Android Dump

Spiderman Sammy and his six pack abs:


Mud puddle splashing with friends (Sammy is in the blue coat):


Sammy’s goatee was muddy water Winking smile 


Playing at a local university (after walking the track).. the boys were dinosaurs and Anna was a kitty cat Winking smile 


Free birthday cupcake at Barnes and Noble’s kids club:


Sammy is really starting to build some amazing things!  This was a castle with a flag on top.  You can see the door he created for the little plastic man:


Sammy and I built a motorcycle with his erector set:


Then a go-cart:


I got to babysit this little cutie:


We played this game with some friends the other night.. I took a picture so I would remember what it was called.. It was a lot of fun.. so much fun indeed that Tim and I bought our own copy Smile


Driving back from Nicia’s state soccer game (more pictures coming from that) we saw this awesome hot air balloon (I was riding – for the record):


Sammy and some of his buddies at a birthday party:


The last few pieces of the puzzle divided out by shape.. they were all the same general color so we just went based on the shape of the pieces:


This doesn’t look very comfortable to me.. but he slept this way for a while:


Tim trying on hats at target.. I had to take pictures so he could see if he liked them:


Nicia’s gotcha day fun.. pedicures, soft pretzels, pizza, movie, and ice cream.. Smile


Not the greatest picture quality.. but nice smiles and happy faces of the rest of the crew:


We are dog sitting my parents dog.. do you think the 5 year old wears her out… here is proof:


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homeschool Planner Sale

I am working on my plans for next school year.  Last year I planned out the whole year in a spreadsheet.  In the fall the spreadsheet fell miserable apart.  I didn’t know what I had planned.  Some days were behind while others were ahead and I had to open multiple spreadsheets just to know what to pull out.

By Christmas break I was fed up and started to think of a different plan.  I needed to get organized.  I needed to figure out how to plan for a year and then how to actually be able to follow it.  I needed to be okay if we got a little behind.  I then remembered my friend Jolanthe has a wonderful homeschool planner.

 Weekly Homeschool

I got my hands on the planner and haven’t looked back!  I was able to re-plan the rest of this year in no time.  Did we follow it perfectly no.. but since it was a digital planner I could make changes in re-print.  Or I could write in changes that I need to make.  This is a great planner with lots of different types of  pages:

  • Preschool planning pages
  • Field trip pages
  • Curriculum planning pages
  • daily to do list pages (you know I love lists)
  • 40 weeks of planning pages (but since its digital you can print out however many pages you need)
  • and many many more!
Weekly Homeschool

The planner is usually $20 but Jolanthe is having a spring 3 day sale.  So now (May 29th through May 31st) the planner is on sale for $12!  Just use the code MAYSALE at checkout! So go ahead and click:  Buy Now *wink* you know you want to!!


*I am required to tell you that I am a affiliate and by purchasing from the above links I will earn a small percentage of the sale.  However, I 100% would recommend this planner to anyone who plans to homeschool regardless of the affiliate program.  This is an amazing product and been a huge help to me!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Painted Lady Butterflies

We had a BLAST with our butterfly habitat!  Sammy was giving this for Christmas from his Uncle Dave and Aunt Lisa and it was spot on gift for him.  The hard part was waiting until it was warm enough so we could order them and release them (instead of them living in captivity until they die.. that would have been too traumatic for Sammy my living creature lover)!

Sammy watching one of the butterflies dry its wings out after coming out of the chrysalis:


At the bottom of this picture you can see a piece of paper  safety pinned into the habitat.  When you order the caterpillars they come in a container with their own food and this filter paper at the top and a lid.  You leave the caterpillars in there while they grown and while they spin their chrysalis.  Once all of them have done this you move the paper into the habitat.  Then you wait and wait and wait until the butterflies come out!  Sammy loved this whole process.. watching the caterpillars grow.. watching them make the chrysalis and coming out of the chrysalis.  I knew he would love interacting with the butterflies since we took him to an exhibit.  Since we had been to the exhibit we knew just how to get the butterflies onto our fingers and we loved setting them free!


Sammy with nectar on his finger trying to get one of the butterflies out:


Sitting on our deck chair:


Sammy was so calm and gentle and loved every second of this.  We will have to do this again next year:


Stretching out its wings:


Sammy got this picture of the butterfly on my hand:


My creature love in his element:


The  butterfly was walking up his arm and it tickled but he held as still as possible so it wouldn't fly away:


I need to print this one out:


We took them down to the grass to set them free and one hung around for a while:


Next thing we knew we had two of them:


Pure Joy:


The best picture I got of our painted lady butterflies:


What fun this was and we look forward to doing it again next spring!  Thanks Dave, Lisa, Kylee and Kira for such a fun present Sammy loved it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nicia Turns 14!!

I am not sure how exactly that happened but I meet Nicia when she was 4 and this birthday made me feel very old!  Her birthday fell on the weekend.. but with lots of April birthday’s we weren’t able to celebrate that day.  We had a blast celebrating the next Saturday.  I was in the other room when these pictures took place.. all I know is they were all making silly faces and I can’t help but share them:


Tim’s Dad:


Tim’s Mom:


Reatha (Tim’s sister).. I heard that Tim missed the silly face picture here:


Nicia and I were hanging out in the other room:


We had Nicia’s favorite for dinner.. hamburger and hot dogs and pasta salad:


Nicia opening some of her gifts.. we all wrapped them in Justin Bieber Christmas wrapping paper (I had to look up how to spell his last name Smile with tongue out).. she doesn’t like him anymore which made it a very fun joke!  We couldn’t resist buying the wrapping paper when we all went shopping after Christmas and got it 75% off.


The delicious ice cream cake Rachel and Nicia made together:


We brought along one of Sammy’s Easter treats since the silly boy doesn’t like chocolate:


We love you Nicia!  You are growing into such an amazing person and I so glad you are a part of my life!!


The cake melted really fast with all of those candles on it… Rachel had the tough task of digging it out of the pan.. just when she thought she made it to the plate the piece fell off.  Sammy thought it was hilarious and told her to try again and not to throw the cake on the counter Winking smile


Sammy was really sad to leave (you can see he was crying in the picture).. he was so sad because he was having fun playing Mario Galaxy with Nicia (and it was 10 pm):