Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Our very fun Easter baskets (and bowls) this year were over flowing!  We have been teaching Sammy the real reason we celebrate Easter.  He is really starting to understand why Jesus died and that he rose again!

Since we have been working on that and learning we feel its okay to have a little fun at Easter time since its such a celebration!  Left to right (Sammy's basket, Tim's bowl, my bowl, and Nicia's basket ( spend the night so I had fun picking out some fun things for her basket)):


Sammy was excited to see what was in his basket:


Sammy doesn't like chocolate (silly boy) so I found some fun marshmallow treats on sticks.. he was super excited about those:


Sammy's favorite thing in his basket was the spiderman watch:


Nicia digging into her basket:


Sammy is so fun to buy for because he gets trilled over little things like fun socks, cars, and candy:


Another big hit was the yo-yo ball just perfect for a 5 year old that can't actually yo-yo yet:


I think Sammy just nailed me with a dart just before this picture:


What a wonderful Easter it was!!