Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Tim!!


Dear Tim,

I love you so very much!  You complete me so well!  My weaknesses are your strengths.. but you are so kind and gentle with your helping.  You never make me feel bad for things I am not good at and I appreciate it so much! 

I love seeing you with Sammy and teaching him how to be a man of God:


I love spending time with you any chance I get.. including working on Sammy's bike out in the garage:


You spoil me every chance you get.. taking me out to dinner and smiling for a picture for me ;-)


You humor my crazy ideas.. like kool-aid and spaghetti on the back deck:


I love watching you teaching Sammy:


I caught you using the church's dirty mac and got a true smile that still makes me giddy:


I was looking through recent pictures and I found this gem.. I am sure I never included it in previous posts because to most people they would think I missed the picture of Sammy (which I did..).. but further inspection shows Tim's amused look as he watches Sammy cover his ears for the baskeball count down clock.. I am sure he is thinking.. how does the son of a sound guy have such sensitive ears (for those that don't know.. that is totally me):


You are such an amazing father... I love that you get right in on the action with Sammy.. like showing him the bounce house place is loads of fun:


A side of you I fell so in love with this side of you as well.. I wish you had more time to pore into this side of you:


I hope you have an amazing day and that Sammy and I can spoil you a little bit!

Love you so much,